Friday, March 21, 2008

Washington - An Equal Opportunity Snoop Town

Once again Bush World reared its ugly head, and I do mean ugly this week when it was announced that Condoleeeeeeza Rice and her crack staff broke into the personal passport files of the 3 remaining candidates for President. Naturally they have apologized and heads will roll, probably because they got caught! The first one to announce the breach was Senator Obama looking for all the world as a victim once again and hoping for a sympathy bump in the polls. But alas that was not to be when the same breach came to light in the case of Senator Clinton.
Then as if to show that they weren't just targeting Democrats the files of Senator McCain were opened to view. But in this case they were just testing out their methods to see if they could get into the files in the first place. They chose McCain because his passport number was easy to remember, 000-000-001 (Contrary to popular belief Jack Benny held #2.)
When asked how many times a day they do this sort of thing Ms. Rice declined to speak but gestured her answer nevertheless.
State Department spokesman McCormack would not disclose the company name that hired the contractors responsible for the breaches but did hint that they would be receiving fair and swift treatment by the government. Insiders took this to mean that there would be more Medals of Freedom ceremonies in the Rose Garden shortly.
Finally McCormack insisted he wanted to go slow with his investigation because he would rather "err on the side of caution." Seeing as how this administration has erred on all other sides to date that seemed like a novel approach.


Anonymous said...

I feel so nostalgic right now...for the Daniel Ellsberg psychiatrist break in, the Muskie dirty tricks guy Donald Sigretti. I feel like im 18 again

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