Sunday, October 17, 2010

Off on a Slight Tangent

This is sort of a political post but not fully.
My family has had season tickets to the football Giants since 1939 and we have suffered through the various indignities of awful teams with worse coaches and unbelievably stupid plays made by idiots on the field.  But we have also been witness to fantastic championship seasons as well.
But throughout our tenure as holders of these tickets we have been subjected to the constant indignity of management.  From the statement by the now dead former owner of the team, Wellington Mara commenting on the fact that he did not want a dome (or rather to pay for a dome) on his now demolished but then new stadium that "My fans like to sit in the element."  Of course the unfeeling jerk himself sat in a climate controlled suite while his fans shivered and got pneumonia!
My dad who is still very much alive at the wonderfully vibrant age of 92 was the first owner of the expensive and socially useless tickets.
A few years ago he decided that the long trek to the Meadowlands of the Garden State of NJ (permanent home of one James Hoffa) from his home in Queens New York was just not worth the time.  He asked my brother if he would like the tickets and transferred ownership over to him.
The Mara family used the transfer of ownership to screw our family out of our tenure and we lost our shot at purchasing overpriced extra Super Bowl tickets as result.  The money grubbing owners of the team said that we were not season ticket holders for a long period of time and therefore were not entitled to a fairer consideration.  We lost many shots in a lottery to gain entry into the next championship game as a result.
The fact that the so-called sport was merely a business to these wealthy scions of the game hit home at that time. And it was further cemented when the new useless stadium in a very cold and snowy northern city of the NFL was built, once again without an expensive dome but with many enclosed suites for the millionaires.
But security after the 9-11 terror attacks has been the greatest bone of contention for many and may be considered bordering on the unbelievably stupid.
Instead of going after terrorists the Bush administration started us on a path of colors and security levels meant to make us feel safe.
This moronic system that has nothing to do with security and everything to do with getting votes by scaring white people in to thinking every dark skinned person is out to get them.  This started a path toward stadium security that now has some places demanding water bottles have caps in place while others demanding them be removed before entering!
But not to worry because terrorist factions from who the hell knows where can now buy advertising time on American television (most likely on Fox) and spin the news any way they like since the Bush administration made certain that the once fair and balanced Supreme Court of the United States would join in the political BS of the radical right.
Sports used to be fun and unimpaired by the day to day machinations of the fools on the hill in DC but that ship has sailed.
If you wish to see a game in person you had better check with homeland security first as to what type of food and drink is deemed safe to bring with you into your local park or you may end up in Gitmo!

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