Sunday, October 31, 2010

What If?

The traditional fights between the Republicans and the Democrats have been stepped up by more than just a notch with the addition of many new factors.  The most obvious new addition to the perennial fray is the so-called Tea Party.
This outlandish outlander of out and out idiots being run not-so-surreptitiously by the far right faction of the Republican Party has added a new level of hate into the mix.
Complete the boiling cauldron by placing it over the fire of a 24/7 media blitz of anything deemed deliciously 'tabloid-al' and you have a the makings of a Nationwide free-for-all.  So which group is on your side?
We can try to go back in time blaming one side or the other as the cause of it all but will find it as hard to do so as it is in the Israeli-Palestinian mess.
Someone will blame the current economic disaster on the Bush administration and they would basically be right.  But then the counterpoint will say that for a period of time the Congress was in the hands of the Democrats.
But Clinton left Bush a surplus that he and Darth Cheney handed over to their billionaire friends thus turning it into a mass deficit.
And the arguments on both sides will continue back in time for a while until we can finally blame the real culprits for our current Congressional quagmire, I cannot tell a lie, it's George Washington and his colonial friends!
That's right the good old founding fathers are to blame for all the woes we wearily wade through today.
And certainly we can blame them for the real Tea Party.
You remember that from your history classes, right?
The one in Boston Harbor?
In the 1770's?
I hope that event still appears in the textbooks coming out of Texas these days.
But what if the Democrats were to pull some of the dirty nasty tactics that have caught the attention of the dirt-happy media?
Suppose the Democrats hired some evil but sadly creative genius ala Andrew Breitbart and his group of equally disgusting and misguided fools?
Were this to happen we might be subjected to a new digitally pieced together video such as:
Mitch McConnell and John Boehner stating categorically that their main objective after stealing back the majority in Congress is to "get rid of that N in the White House.  The White House should be just that, WHITE!"
Does anyone really believe in this day and age that it is not possible to find enough available footage to cut and splice and copy and paste actual statements by those two to say this?  Hell, they probably actually said that exact statement often while in their own homes!  And using the proverbial technophobic joke, "Of course it can be done Why a 9 year old can do it!  Run out and find me a 9 year old!"
So what is the solution?
As long as the prize for the most dastardly dirty trick is political power and thus scads of new money and security for life nothing will change.  And with new exciting discoveries in technology the tricks will become more ingenious.
So how do we get out of this loop?
It will take time and cooler heads.
Unfortunately the way we are going we just don't much of either!

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Charlene said...

One thing I figure, if the GOP gets power in Congress, they will be responsible for the twenty year recession.

They won't do anything to make things better.