Tuesday, October 19, 2010

That'll Larn Ya

For a while now many people with various political views have been trying to get their voices heard.
They, like me rant and post and talk and joke about the other side every chance they/we get.
But I find that many times the best way to get your point across is to use the other guys' words.
So I am hereby going to cut and paste the words of a particularly interesting and passionate person from Texas who has found a certain online forum within which he regularly spews his inane and incredibly one-sided arguments.
The website merely asked the people who visited the page if they would mind answering the poll question, "Do you know your credit rating and into what range does it fall?"
But many visitors to the site used the credit rating as a jumping off point to bash the President.
Many of these passionate people love to hide in the shadow of anonymity while bashing others with ideas that differ from their own.
And so it was that the credit rating question deteriorated into a full fledged Tea Party of sorts with all kinds of 'fixes' for the country.
And finally the promised cut & paste by a person who shall remain nameless since I do not wish to embarrass the person further.  He (or she?) is quite capable of doing that without anyone else's help!

"Wow! You have lost your grip on economics, If you ever had one...

The largest tax increase in US history is almost here unless congress acts. Another Recession or Depression follows?
Cutting the size of government is easy.
1. Dept of Energy and Dept of Education ELEMINATED for starters.
2. Freddie and Fannie ELEMINATED next.
3. 2001 Baseline for next budget.
Return unspent stimulus dollars to reduce the National Debt.
4. AMT fix.
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

The person goes on in another post to say he is not a Republican but rather an Independent voter.
I am certain the republicans are relieved about that.
Now let's face it, typos happen but I have been reading the thoughts of this 'independent' thinker for a while now and these are not typos.
But what better way to show how good the schooling is in the land of "No Child Left Behind" than with the request that we 'ELEMINATE ... THE DEPT OF EDUCATION?'

(He is going to vote!  Please make sure there are more Democrats voting than, uh than, well, whatever he is.  It is more urgent now than ever before that we not lose sight of the fix. It will take a little longer than we originally hoped but we'll get there if we continue forward!)

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