Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Have Faith in America?

All politicians and many businessmen and women use religion to their advantage.  Of course there are other things they use as well but none are as vague and divisive and open to hypocrisy.
And when viewed under a microscope that hypocrisy jumps out at us.
Partisan politics has become meaner than usual and polls are used to give any impression needed by the group that commissions them.
And in a country that was founded on the separation of Church and State far too many Americans vote for leaders based on their faith!  They think that a person who does not go to Church is not capable of being a good leader.
So I ask which Church is the best one for leaders to attend.
In this country there appears to be one right answer and many wrong ones.
If we truly want leaders to lead they must be judged on their abilities in the real world and not what we or they think will happen in the next.  And let’s not forget that many people don’t believe there is a next world.
Here is a mythical debate between typical politician in Congress today and a reporter seeking the truth.
It has to be fake because no politician would allow this to be on the record.  I mean you would never catch one advocating the ‘taking out’ or murder of an opponent or admitting that witchcraft is okay and evolution is a myth, right?

Politician: The unemployed are lazy.  They expect the government to take care of them while they do nothing.  Many of them drink too much and take drugs.  Why should they be entitled to any handouts from us?

Reporter: So you feel it is up to every individual to take care of himself and his family no matter the circumstance, correct?

Of course.  Isn’t that the way it should be?  I mean I have to take care of my family so why should I also have to worry about the other guy?

Do you feel every unemployed person is expecting handouts from the government?

Sure they are!  They want the entitlements we put in place 70 or 80 years ago.  Well times are different now.  America is the land of opportunity.  I can tell you hundreds of stories where a guy was on the brink and he pulled himself together and made something of himself!

So you feel everyone can do it.

Naturally.  As long as he puts his mind to it.

And we should get rid of unemployment insurance completely?

Now I didn’t say that but we certainly can’t be doling out money to every Tom Dick and Harry forever.  Let them get a job like the rest of us!

I see, it’s that easy.  And what about healthcare?  Do you think all Americans should have access to affordable health care?

Access?  Yes.  Given it for nothing? No. You want Socialism to take over the country?

So Socialism is the enemy?  You don’t believe in Social Security either then?

I think most entitlements are ridiculous.  The government has too much to do and shouldn’t be burdened with worrying about every individual’s retirement money.  The government created the vehicle for people to save for retirement and it should be up to each individual to see to it that his money is taken care of!

So you would like to privatize Social Security?

Well privatize is a hot button word and I wouldn’t use it.  Let’s say owner directed funds.  The government can’t know what’s best for each person in the country.  I mean who better than you to know what you want to do with your money?  Suppose the government said you had to buy a GM car with your retirement money?  Hell you would probably tell them to drop dead!

I see your point.  The government shouldn’t be so involved in our lives or our bedrooms.  So government is getting too big and you would like them to be cut back a bit.

Absolutely, but what are trying to say with that bedroom crack?

Well you want government out of our lives so what if you’re gay?  Do you think you should be allowed in the military?  How about the schools?  Should you be allowed to marry and adopt children?

Now hold on there.  First of all I am not gay!  Who's telling you I am?  They're lying!  That guy was merely my valet.  And besides I can't answer you, that’s too many questions at once.

So pick one.  The bottom line is I am asking how you feel about homosexuality in America. I am not saying you are gay!

Good cause it’s a sin!  I don’t believe it has a place in our society.  The bible teaches us that it is wrong to spill one’s seed.

So it’s a religious thing.

It's in the Bible.  You do know what the Bible is, right?  You got a problem with religion?

Actually I do.  But it's not what you think.  I believe you use religion when it suits you and you run away from it when it doesn’t.

Careful son, I happen to be very religious.  I attend Church every week and I have faith that this nation under God will survive.  Are you against America?  You want us to fail?

Well to use a phrase made famous by one of your heroes, “There you go again.”  Let me pose a scenario.
You say you are religious and that religion is important to you and I guess it plays a big part in your day to day life and thought.

Go on.

You’re walking down the street and you see a man lying asleep in the gutter.  You can tell he’s breathing but he’s wearing tattered clothes that haven’t been washed for a while.  Do you:
A – Shake your head and walk on by feeling a little disgusted that you had to see him?
B – Reach down and rifle through his pockets for loose change?
C – Try to see if you can help him?  Perhaps even give him a few coins.

I am not a thief and I am not an uncaring bastard.  I don’t appreciate the inference.  I’d call the cops and let them try to help the guy.

Get him arrested for vagrancy?  That’s your solution?

If the cops decide that’s what’s best so be it.  What’s your point?

Well for one thing, WWJD?

You’re going to bring Jesus into this?

Actually you did.  You profess to be a devoutly religious person. So What Would Jesus Do?

Well you know he would help the guy.

Give him money and food?
Isn’t that wrong?

It’s what he would do.

I mean he could give him some food but that would only kick the can down the road.  Give a man a fish and he eats for the day but teach a man to fish and he eats for life.

That's from the Bible.

Actually it's a Chinese proverb but my point is simply the man in the gutter could be there for many different reasons.  We cannot tell which just as we cannot judge a book by its cover.
What I am saying is cast your bread upon the waters my friend!

Ecclesiastes.  That one is in the Bible!

Help the man get on his feet if you can.  And if possible even train him and turn him into a productive member of society.
It might cost a few bucks but guess what?  The man now has a job and a reason to live.  He uses the money he earns to buy stuff, stuff that you and your friends produce.
In other words the money he earns for doing a job comes back in sales receipts.
Your other savior, Ronald Reagan had it all wrong – It’s a Trickle Up economy!

But the wealthy still have to provide the vehicle for the man to get that job.  Without them there is no company for the guy to work in!

And if there are no little people to do the work and spend their money to buy the stuff you guys want to sell then there won’t be any companies!   Ever hear of synergy?  How are you going to make any money?
Sooner or later one of those other rich guys is going to realize that in order to get further ahead he’ll have to do it at your expense.  And then it becomes a free for all.  Survival of the most devious.

That’s a pretty rosy picture you paint but how can we take care of all the slobs in the gutter?
You want to turn America into a welfare state?

You just don’t listen.  You cater to the wealthy who in turn donate money back to you.  I am talking about welfare but not State.  I am speaking of the welfare of every citizen of this country!  The middle class in America is what made this the greatest nation in the World.  And if things continue the way they are the middle class will disappear or at least dwindle to such a small percentage that nothing will ever get done or produced here again.  We will become a third world country and slowly fade into a Roman Empire style sunset.

You liberals are all alike.

And that’s how most discussion end in America these days.   Each side uses a label for the other and refuses to find a workable solution to our many problems.  Then they go out and campaign that they are the solution!
And without someone to point the finger at and blame for out problems they are lost.  First it was the terrorists, then the illegal aliens and as always it's the gays.

One final point - The same politician who feels the unemployed are lazy etc. will spend millions of dollars received from special interest groups to buy advertising time and space aimed at those same people he vilifies in the hopes to fool them into voting for him.
Sadly it works, and has for way too long.
I guess some people have been brain-washed to turn the other cheek no matter how many times it gets slapped!

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