Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fox the Cable and Power!

The following is an entry by a guest reader without a blog of his own currently.
I will not name the source but rather state it is an intelligent affected former viewer of shows on Fox who has seen the light!

The foreign Australian/Saudi Arabian controlled News Corp is conductng an experiment to measure the extent in which it can manipulate the future of the US.
I am referring to the Australian Rupert Murdoch family, with 38% ownership in the Company, and Saudi Arabia's Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, the second largest equity owner behind Murdoch with holdings valued in excess of $2 billion.
The experiment, currently in progress is on a relatively small scale in which just a mere nine to 12 million innocent third party Americans are being used as hostages to create leverage for News Corp as it tests its ability to bully US media companies and influence Washington policies as it pursues its own interests and the interests of Australia and Saudi Arabia.
I am not referring to the heavily biased Fox News which publicly claims to be fair and even, cynically offering a 'we report, you decide' motto nor am I referring to the millions Rupert Murdoch, the Murdoch family, and News Corp has spent this year in supporting right wing causes.
Our recent 5 to 4 Supreme Court  decision that corporations have the same rights as individuals, allowing corporate money to flood the political marketplace has facilitated this new form of democratic corruption, empowering News Corp.
The experiment I am referring to involves News Corp's outrageous demand that New York and Tri-state based Cablevision's annual retransmission fee to Fox TV be increased from approximately $70 million to $150 million.
While Fox's demand is negotiated, Fox has pulled the plug on its broadcasts otherwise aired on Cablevision, affecting three million homes.
News Corp knows their demnand is unreasonable and has thus refused Cablevision's offer for binding arbitration.
This has nothing to do with money and is all about power. To further extend its power, News Corp has aired public announcements advising Cablevision customers who wish to watch Fox TV to switch carriers, pointing the way to Direct TV, Verizon, or a simple antennae since Fox TV channel 5 is carried free on airwaves leased to them by the U S Government.
Perhaps the our FCC should give News Corp its own ultimatum; return Fox 5 et al to Cablevision while you negotiate fees by October 25 or we will revoke your transmission bands.
Foreign ownership of critical media and public utilities is not typically considered to be in the interest of National welfare.
Serious consideration of the potential consequences of foreign interests controlling our media (the News Corp), our gas utiities (i.e. National Grid), and electric utilities (i.e J-Power, Iberdrola) should be high on our Government's to do list.

Wonderfully said by a concerned citizen.
Without government oversight the owners of the Foreign Fox Family of networks will continue to inch it's way into our government until it will be too late to turn it around.  And then, heaven help us!


train buddy said...

In our country where we are in a trillion dollar deficit where does someone come off asking for $150,000,000? How about giving that money to the unemployed. Secondly, I'm sick of the ads from Fox saying that Cablevision isn't working with their customers. If Fox was so concerned, why did they pull their feed from the internet? I wish the MLB and NFL would wisen up and break their contract with Fox and give their games to other stations so that the only one who loses is Fox.

Cousin Bruce said...

The reasons for the anti-social, anti-human actions of Fox are clear in the post. It was well thought out by someone very close to me.
Until the government steps in Fox will continue to look for ways to get more money with which to fund their political agenda.
I believe we can all survive without the shows they pulled off the air but we cannot survive if we allow them to literally buy the government and take over the country.
It may sound like paranoia, delusion and conspiracy theory idiocy but only if I am wrong. And when it comes to Fox I do not believe I am!