Friday, October 29, 2010

Today's Eclectic Compendium

These are the issues that are hitting my hot button today (sorry Ed.)

The business world and Republicans still blaming Obama administration for the uncertainty about rising health care costs.  They claim that is the reason for not hiring new workers.  But if anyone is to blame for raising rates and bilking the public shouldn’t it be the actual companies who are doing the dastardly deed?  Let’s face it the insurance industry is reaping record rewards by raping the consumer.  The Obama administration merely tried to stop them from their upward trend but had to do so without the help of the Republicans who branded his efforts as anti-American and claimed he just wanted to kill grandma!

It has finally been revealed that BP knew exactly what it was getting into when it used tainted and low quality cement on their oil rigs.  While it should come as no surprise that a company took shortcuts on their way to increase profits it should be noted that the “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead” attitude of this renegade corporation is actually the norm.  Many companies knowingly produce inferior products only removing them from the shelf after being caught or sued by those adversely affected.
In a side issue the plastic additive BPA has now been linked to a lower sperm count in males.
At this point I would suggest that any new company leave the initials BP out of their name.  Just saying…

Quick economics lesson for the mathematically challenged Tea Party members on Long Island and elsewhere, LIPA is seeking to have their taxes lowered as a way to reduce the rates they must charge customers for electricity.  That sounds great, right?  Who doesn’t wish to have their monthly bill lowered?
But the fact remains that the taxes paid by LIPA and other utilities goes to funding local town functions such as the schools and mundane other necessities of life.
So as a result of lowering the taxes on LIPA we may end up paying them a slightly lower monthly amount but will then pay a far greater amount in town and school tax.
The bottom line is it costs money to run a government be it local Statewide or National!
Merely shifting around the pain and pleasure does no good.  At the end of the day (I still hate that phrase) we the tax paying public are footing the bills and end up with less money in our pockets.
Tighten up all budgets, get rid of fluff, stop political patronage, and get all political houses in order.  There is quite enough money floating around to do so!

Staying on Long Island a local Republican, Fran Becker who is running for Congress against Carolyn McCarthy stated today that he is surging.  As far as the upcoming election the polls say otherwise so if he is surging it must be in a different way.
Therefore all I can say is hey Fran we’re not interested in your sex life.

A report came out about the wonderfully brave men and women who serve in our country's armed forces around the world.  It stated that most of these soldiers found nothing wrong with working alongside openly gay human beings.
The report also went on to say that the feelings did not carry over into the Semper Fi sect as many Marines told the pollsters that they would quit if gays were allowed to serve.
Way to go guys!  That's protecting the American way of life!  Who would want a gay or lesbian soldier protecting them and watching their back when the enemy was about to shoot them?  We'd all rather die, right?
Pathetic!  Pick up your medals as you leave guys!  America thanks you for your service.

In a story that can be good and bad and then good and then bad again according to the news dentists have come up with an interesting idea.  They intend to keep our children’s teeth healthy by limiting their candy intake.  They are offering to buy back any candy collected during Halloween at the rate of $1 per pound.  As a result kids will make money while keeping their teeth in good shape.  They will also not have that unhealthy surge of sugar the day after the spooky celebration.
So just what will happen to all that chocolate and gooey caramel?  The dentists plan on doing what American drug companies have been doing for years when they sent drugs the FDA could not approve to foreign countries.  They will be shipping the unwanted candy overseas.  But not to worry, no American children will be harmed in the ensuing cavity bonanza.

The Saudis are now advising the owners of that downtown Manhattan property to move their Mosque away from the 9-11 memorial area.  They say they do not wish to cause any more pain and suffering.  But they also add that the Mosque would be too close to the already established bars and strip clubs that pepper the area.  Is it just me or was that a slap at normal and money making American businesses?

And speaking of business as usual in Somalia two children were executed for being spies by the ruling class yesterday.  The 15 and 18 year olds were sentenced and then moments later shot by firing squad without a chance of appealing the obviously ridiculous ruling.  It seems that in that country the only requirements needed to be judge and executioner is one must be male and know the Quran.  Done!
What that country needs is a Sadie Hawkins Day where the women get to run things for 24 hours.  Hey guys - drop your pants and pray the women have bad aim!  Of course with targets as large as yours it's doubtful they will.

Hey folks, did you know that there was another tsunami?  This one was near the other one and devastated towns, businesses and lives as well.  But only 1,000 people were killed or missing so far and it didn’t happen on Christmas and we are going through a momentous election period so you may not have heard about it.  Oh, and I believe no Americans were killed during the event.

And finally it has been pointed out that many of the Tea Party candidates are running for office because they claim to hear the voice of the people!
Unfortunately all too many of them are actually only hearing voices!


Charlene said...

The reason corporations are getting away with raping the public on this issue is some are so ready to think ill of President Obama because he's black. That's thinly veiled racism but Lordy, don't say that word to them for they will deny it.

That dentist story is pretty much a summary of the past 20 years with harmful products and American industry.

And as to the Tea Party candidates, if they get elected they will go to Washington and at the end of their term they will campaign for re-election. You will not be able to tell them from the people they supplanted, for their seat is a role in the great Congressional stage play and they are merely actors playing the part.

Cousin Bruce said...

First of all thank you for your comment! Obviously you know the issues and are aware of the facts.
Thinly veiled? Perhaps.
But I would say you may leave the veil at home.
I used to joke that as a child after visiting my dentist he would give me salt water taffy as a gift. Of course he did not. He was sending it overseas! :-)
And finally as to the Tea Party - Shakespeare put it succinctly:
"Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow, creeps in this petty pace from day to day, To the last syllable of recorded time: And all our yesterdays have lighted fools the way to dusty death. Out out brief candle, Life is but a walking shadow, a poor player who struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more. It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing."
It appears that the tale is not just being told by idiots but idiots are being voted into office. Their 15 minutes of fame being 2 year terms or longer will surely test the patience of this country for years to come.