Sunday, October 10, 2010


If one word sticks out in this year of putrid partisan politics it should certainly be “uncertainty.”
And in the tradition of ‘the art of the possible’ it is a phony fear made up and propagated by one side of the equation.
After the banks and others received all that money to avert a certain financial disaster many of them handed out huge bonuses to their board of directors and friends.  They then proceeded to hoard the excess cash rather than loan the money out by hiding behind the veil of ‘uncertainty.’
These bastions of banking bastards decided that they would rather make their financial statements look healthier thus reaping the benefit of a higher stock price than help out the economy and the country.  This in turn would bring in new investor cash and the cycle could continue.  They would become wealthier without making any loans and keep the cash for themselves and their friends.
And truthfully who could blame them?  After all when the Bush administration handed out that money they did so without any strings attached!  That's right the Bush administration.
Many Americans wrongly believe it was President Obama who gifted our future away but as often is the case the many are mistaken.  Unfortunately many of those who are 'mistaken' know the facts but choose to ignore them for political reasons.
Businesses latched onto the somewhat covert but actually overt plan to use 'uncertainty' as an excuse to screw anyone not them by announcing more layoffs, replacing these unemployed men and women as needed with part timers.
The unemployment numbers then rose and the Republicans seized on the ensuing economic tsunami as the main reason to replace the incumbent Democrats.
The wealthiest 2% of America realized that a Republican majority would bring back the unregulated financial environment they so desired.  So they joined the campaign by offering millions of dollars in advertising money to brainwash the uninformed and unintelligent American voter that the Democrats had to be replaced.
Luckily for these 'RIGHTeous' types the Supreme Court of the United States had made it easy for them to fund their puppets without fear of being 'outed.'  Yet another gift from the Bush administration.
Backed by a fake news network with deep pockets and an army of robots to spread the lies the Republicans started making gains in many polls.  People who don't care to think for themselves but nevertheless do vote saw the polls and figured they must be right.
Meanwhile the business world revved up its plan to replace every possible position with part time people.  The money they would save by doing this was too desirable to ignore.
As for the employees who still had jobs the message was clear, work harder or you too will be replaced.  A typical part timer would work 20 hours or less and be hired at less than half what the original employee was paid for his normal 40 hour work week.  Hiring two of them to replace one former full time worker proved to be a boon for the employer.
The employer saved the money he used to pay into health care plans and any number of other so-called perks that Americans used to receive such as matching donations into a retirement plan.
When pundits looked for reasons why unemployment continued at such rates they pointed to that good old word, uncertainty.
There is uncertainty with the tax rate; uncertainty with the future of health care costs; uncertainty with loans from the banks; and on and on.  The Democrats are doing it all wrong!
But a quick look at all the fake fear and rhetoric from the right shows the flaws in their argument.
First of all the tax rate is lower for the wealthy than it has been historically and they wish to make sure it doesn't go up at all.  That means the only uncertainty in that part of the equation is, 'How the hell are we as a nation going to pay for it?'  The wealthy will hoard more of their money without spending it and our deficit will grow and be handed to our children and their children.
As for health care, when and if the Republicans get the majority their first priority will be to make certain the rest of us who actually pay for health care will no longer have it!  They even have the audacity to state that repealing health care is their top priority!  Really?  They feel that is the biggest problem we face in America today?  But still they say, 'How dare the Democrats steal some of the profits from those poor set upon insurance companies?'  (Psst, now that we saved you more billions can we have some more bribe money?)
And lastly the banks and their billions will be safe from the grubby little hands of those liberals who want to help the filthy 'little people' who don't kick back into the Republican pot.
The collusion between all the entities involved is glaring but unstoppable.  The only thing that seems certain is that the Democrats will lose seats in both of our governing houses unless the citizens of the country wake up and smell the coffee, not the tea!
And one poll need not be overanalyzed to see why.  When asked who they think caused the financial meltdown a clear majority said the Republicans!
But when the same supposedly sane respondents were asked who they thought would be best qualified to fix the awful financial crisis in which we are mired they chose the self same Republicans!!!
It is uncertain whether or not the average voter realizes his stupidity in this ballet of fools.  But there is no uncertainty in the minds of the Republicans or their backers as to the end game.
If the party of Rush Limbaugh, Karl Rove, Dick Cheney and their Republican cronies take control of Congress the average human in America loses.  And in that there is NO UNCERTAINTY!

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