Monday, February 11, 2008

Wizards Addendum

Perhaps the title should be Wizards Adden-Dumb.
I have been asked by a few people to add some names to the cast of chararcters in my original spoof of the Oz story. I had hoped that anyone wishing to see other people listed would add them themselves but alas my hopes, like my retirement funds seem to be destined for disappointment. So here are the current suggestions:
1. Toto as Bush. This is because he caused such a mess that the rest of us have to it clean up. While I can see some similarities and agree witht the mess analogy I do not agree in toto because one is loveable and the other is laughable. And Toto never did anything funny that I can recall. Besides when Toto speaks he makes sense!
2. Huckabee as the Mayor of Munchkin Land. Wow, this one sort of fits, at least physically although I am willing to bet the Munchkinite is a more worldly politician. He probably also believes in evolution and certainly knows how to lead. The jury, luckily is still out on the Earthling.
3. Karl Rove as the leader of the Flying Monkeys. He certainly does get around behind the scenes. His droppings can turn up in many places from the Capitol Building in Texas during a race for Governor to a swift boat from Hell. He is mean and ugly and does whatever it takes to help the evil Witch succeed. And even though his leader is about to be gone, DEAR GOD - FINALLY does anyone truly believe he will not continue to dirty the landscape?
4. And finally I would like to add the buffoons at Fox (sort of) News with an honorary mention to Rush Limbaugh (There's two words that are never heard together - Limbaugh and Honor) and the rest of his ilk. They could be confused for the apple throwing Trees who tried to impede our heroes on their trek toward the Emerald City and the House of White.
Now click your heels together and recite:
There's no place like the internet.

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