Saturday, February 16, 2008


More than forty years ago there was a great import from Great Britain known affectionately by American television viewers as TW3. Not to be confused with Ahhnold’s Terminator series this political satire used words as ammunition and usually hit the target. This hilarious show was called “That Was The Week That Was.” The first letters of each word making up its acronym.
It was originated in England by a very droll David Frost who followed its emigration to the states as host and added a cast of characters more familiar to American viewers at the time. They included such personalities as Alan Alda, Steve Allen, Woody Allen and many many more. Sadly this intellectual fore runner of inane but funny shows such as “Laugh In” ran for only two years during the sixties.
Oh how I wish it could be brought back now. Naturally we would have to have a different cast but with all the fodder coming out of Washington the show could easily run on its own and for years to come.
“Good evening and welcome to our show. I’m your host, ‘Ken Ahora’ and this is my co-host, Al Takaka.
Our lead story tonight involves all of you evil-doer viewers out there. That’s right I can see you. Actually I can see you and so can your government.
This week President W stated that we are in grave danger once again."
"Why? Has Cheney found another rifle?"
"No, Al Congress has blocked W’s plans to extend immunity to the phone companies who are spying on you.”
“Wait a second Ken; are you saying that the President wants to spy on average every day American citizens?”
“It appears so Al.
Using his favorite tactic from the Karl Rove era, fear, the President has conveniently overlooked the FISA option to legally obtain warrants. That law allows him to do so as much as three days after actually implementing electronic surveillance as long as he can show the court exigent circumstances.”
“We know that already Ken. But the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act still exists so what’s changed?”
“That’s right Al but the part of the law that W added protects the phone companies from prosecution for doing this illegal spying. This has expired and they could now be open to law suits.”
“Oh, so nothing has changed about our nation’s security, just the possible loss of money for Bush’s friends.”
“That’s right, Al. And privately those friends of the President, and trust me they are a very select few these days with most of them being Saudis, wish to add to this telecommunications immunity portion of the bill and rename it the, “Video Overseeing Your Every Utter Relation In Some Manner” bill or ‘VOYEURISM.’”
“Works for me, Ken. I usually have to pay for that stuff on the internet.”
“Uh, okay Al, that’s nice. This week there was also news on the never-ending campaign trail.
The formerly nick-named Scarecrow has thrown his support to the Tin Man. Willard Mitt Romney is now backing Grandpa McCain in his bid for the top spot in DC. Mitt’s kids may now have to find jobs or enlist.
Fresh from fending off uncalled for allegations of pimping out her daughter, Hillary Clinton stumped with her very grown up and lovely daughter Chelsea while attempting to muzzle her husband. She continued to offer solutions to the vast problems caused by seven years of W and continued to watch her chances of doing so dwindle away as she hoped against hope, literally for the nomination.
Obama continued to woo both young and old alike with talks of hope and change. He offered no way to do this but then again why bother to get bogged down in facts when you have charisma.”
“And speaking of hope, Munchkin Mayor Mike Huckabee held on to his against all odds and logic.”
“Yeah, but he’s so cute.”
“One thing that’s not cute is the economy, stupid."
"Not you Al, it's a euphemism."
"Yeah, well you for mism this!"
"Right. Well we may be heading for a recession or actually be in one already. However we will not know for a few months according to the experts.”
“How can you be an expert if you don’t know what you are talking about until after it has happened? I thought the only people who got away with that were called meteorologists.”
“That’s depressing, Ken.”
“Yes it is depressing. And speaking of depression? What has changed here since the Great Depression of the 1930’s when we were promised a chicken in every pot and a car in every garage? Well now with Obama running we can at least hope for that car. Did you say you wanted a Pontiac, Al?”
"Can't afford the gas Ken. I'll take a hybrid please."
“Well that’s our show for now. May you survive another week and come back for another TW3. This is Ken Ahora,"
"And Al Takaka,"
"Reminding you, Don’t say anything on your phone that you wouldn’t want heard -


pharmjock1 said...

Do you remember how "That Was the Week That Was" closed?
With a song:
"That was the week that was
Its over let it go
Oh, what a week that was
That was the week that was.."
Also do you remember that the show feuded with Jack Paar (His show followed it) and vice versa?

mug guy said...

I remember the song at the end. I also remember the Jack Paar show. I did not remember it followed immediately after TW3. Obviously you are way older than me.
As for the feud it was good for both of them.