Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Repeat After Me

I am unbelievably handsome and rich beyond compare.
I am unbelievably handsome and rich beyond compare.
I am unbelievably handsome and rich beyond compare.
Sorry, I just finished watching a show about the Bush administration on Fox News and decided to try their strategy in a personal way.
It seems as though all you have to do is say something over and over and it either becomes true or enough people start believing it that truth matters not.
"We are going to hunt down Bin Laden and the terrorists of 9-11."
"We are going to recover the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq."
"We are not going to stop until we get the bad guys and evil doers."
"There is no such thing as Global Warming, it’s just climate change." (Change this!)
"The economy is great." (Somewhere)
"We are creating more and more jobs." (Somewhere)
And my personal favorite - "Mission Accomplished!" (Nowhere)
Have I left anything off?
(The last question was for you guys in the room at AT&T where the Bush government is reading this blog right now along with all my e-mails from the last seven years and transcripts of every phone call I made. Hi guys. I’m a patriot!)
We have lived in this fantasy world ever since Karl Rove and his friends at Diebold decided to fix, I mean help the 2000 Presidential election along. And ever since then we have been constantly bombarded with half truths and down right lies.
We watched in amazement when President Bush glibly handed out the Medal of Freedom to friends of his who, let’s face it would not be able to get a job at Wal-Mart as long as our borders allow illegal aliens into the country. “You’re doing a heck of a job, whatever the Hell your name is!”
And speaking of friends can you believe he has so many?
Well just how many friends does W have?
Let’s see:
Harriet Miers - Supreme Court?
Michael Brown – Head of FEMA? (Horseshit.)
Alberto Gonzales - Attorney General?
Paul Wolfowitz - Iraq war strategist?
Paul Wolfowitz - The head of the World Bank???
Paul Wolfowitz - Career counselor. (Ask his girlfriend.)
Mike McConnell - Director of National Intelligence. (National INTELLIGENCE – Ask this idiot if he knows what Water boarding is.)
Darth Cheney - Head of the NRA? (Well that one fits.)
It appears that friends of George W Bush are people with no particular skill or talent who hung around long enough to get placed in high ranking jobs. Most of these people have some connection to the world of oil. Who is next in line for an important government job Georgie, the Saudi Prince?
Can January 20, 2009 come soon enough? Will we make it? Will we be able to rectify the damages this arguably worst President in the history of the United States has done to this country and the world? Only time will tell.
Of course none of the above really bothers me because I am unbelievably handsome and rich. I’m unbelievably handsome and rich. I’m unbelievably handsome and rich.

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