Monday, February 4, 2008

Two Terms Fit the Super Moment

Did you ever hear of the Yiddish phrase, "Kin Ahora?" How about the universal one, "Be careful what you wish for?" No they do not mean the same thing but they both fit what just transpired in the National Football League playoffs.
The New England Patriots fell victim to the first phrase, 'Kin Ahora.' The words mean, "May you be spared from the evil eye."
You are tempting fate when you guarantee that which is out of your control such as a perfect 19 & 0 season when there is still one game left to play.
Every Jewish mother has said those words after hearing praise for their children. It is usually followed by, "Pooh, pooh, pooh."
"Oy Mrs. Schwartz your son is so smart. He'll be tops in his class."
"Kin Ahora, pooh pooh pooh. What are you talking about? The other children are so much better."
Mrs. Schwartz secretly agrees but is afraid that the fates will hear the spoken praise and jealously turn on her son.
The arrogance of a front runner, even if it is not overt always causes them problems. Anytime someone thinks something is a foregone conclusion the odds are the conclusion will be gone for good.
In the post season run for the Super Bowl ring this year every team that played the New York Giants made it known in some way shape or form that they were happy to do so. Ronde barber of the Tampa Bay Bucaneers felt confident that his team would get past the Giants because they played and won ugly and their quarterback, Eli Manning was erratic. Eli was closer to erotic as far as Giant fans were concerned and he swatted away the Bucs and headed for Dallas. Hey Ronde, be careful what you wish for!
In Dallas the former America's team and especially their unbelievably annoying and arrogant owner, Jerry Jones not only guaranteed a victory but went so far as to purchase and hand out tickets to the National Football Conference Championship game against the Green Bay Packers to be played in Dallas. Yeah Jerry listen, about that? You sort of have to win first. And quarterback Tony Romo was so confident that his cowboys would win their third game against the underdog Giants that he spent a week in Cancun with his main squeeze Jessica Simpson rather than practice up for the game. That's Kin Ahora 2 - Romo and Jones nothing.
The frozen tundra that is Green Bay was a terrible place to face the rejuvenated and loved Brett Farve. The football world was actually looking forward to a meeting between Favre and Brady in the Super Bowl. A monumental game with the old master looking for just one more championship against the new guard marching toward a dynasty. Green Bay was at least a little worried about the Giants. They found out that Eli Manning enjoyed watching 'Seinfeld' reruns while relaxing in his hotel room before road games so they pre-empted all of them. There would be no rest for the weary Eli. The announcers were certain the Giants would falter in this latest version of the ice bowl. The original fittingly pitted Dallas against the Pack and was won by the home team.
But this time it was the old guard that faltered and the field goal kicker for New York, Lawrence Tynes, after missing two earlier field goal attempts did what no other kicker had done all season. He kicked a field goal from 47 yards out to win the game in overtime and send the team into Super Bowl XLII.
Everyone in New England rejoiced at the matchup. They got what they wished for. They were playing a team they had beaten a month earlier in New York. And while outwardly the Patriots and former beloved defensive coach of the Giants Bill Bellichik spoke highly of the team their confidence could only be expressed as through the roof.
Their Kin Ahora moment came when their owner, Robert Kraft attempted to trademark the term 19 & 0!
Hey Robert, Patent This!
So the Super Bowl is over and the celebrations begin. The Giants are the second Wild Card team to win the Bowl but the first to do it as the road team (Pittsburgh as a wild card team was the 'home team' for SB XL.) The Giants won eleven games in a row on the road, an NFL record. Their young QB already has double digit fourth quarter comeback victories under his belt. They are on top of the world. And since they are the third youngest team in the league everyone is looking forward to several years of championships.
Kin Ahora, pooh pooh pooh!

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