Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Wizards of Ours

I was thinking the other day that this election of ours is beginning to remind me of an old movie classic. And there are so many fun analogies from “Frankenstein” to “Gone with the Wind.” Sorry “Star Wars” fans but this election is not about Cheney, or at least I hope not.
I believe my ‘aha’ moment came when former President Bill Clinton made a reference about fairy tales and the critics went wild. That simple statement stirred up such emotion that within minutes of being uttered they were utterly being spun around in such a whirlwind that they appeared to be Earth shaking news.
Whirlwind, spinning around, earth-shaking…
This election is like The Wizard of Oz!
Okay stop. Get back here. I am not crazy, well maybe a little but it’s not my fault. Let me explain.
Check out the real life cast of characters, and I do mean characters.
We have the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, The Cowardly Lion, and of course Dorothy. I know I will get in trouble on this one but allow me some latitude and I think you will agree and even add a few ideas of your own.
The Scarecrow is tall and lanky. He can move with ease and seems perfectly capable of keeping his balance even when it appears he must fall. He is handsome and loaded in a sort of stuffed shirt kind of way even though he tries to be very down to earth. He spends money like it was straw and he most definitely lacks a brain. In case you have spaced out I am speaking of Willard Romney. That’s right, Willard. Now you know why he uses Mitt. (Sorry Mr. Scott.)
The Tin Man is kind of rigid. He is likeable but was left standing out in the field too long and is rusty. It is quite apropos that oil can help him get better. (Get it? Oil can?) This being is in search of a heart, kind of what you would say to a man who wants to keep young men and women in harms way for up to one hundred years. You guessed it, I am speaking of none other than Bush smooching Senator McCain.
The Cowardly Lion is so very likeable and cuddly. He says mean things sometimes but in the end he is nice. He is afraid to get into a real fight and is seeking courage. This king of the African jungle wouldn’t hurt a fly and his friends are all trying to help him get the courage to stand up to all those in his way. With their help he will shortly be able to say, “Put ‘em up, put ‘em up!” Senator Obama, the Wizard will see you now.
And is this next one really that much of a stretch?
After nearly losing her best friend to that evil woman (actually her friend bit the woman, not the other way around) and being forced to leave her lovely white farm house she spends the entire story trying to get back. She has many obstacles along her way and some supporters who stick by her throughout her journey. Naturally those on the trek to the Promised Land with Dorothy are expecting something in return. But to the end her mantra is simply, “There’s no place like home.” Just as Senator Clinton wants you to send her home, to the White House.
One more similarity of note is the man behind the curtain pulling levers and deciding the fate of all.
Anybody care to vote on who that might be?
We still have the Wicked Witches to dole out and a bunch of behind the scenes little people on our yellow brick road journey but I'll leave those to your imagination.
And by the way lest you think this analogy is picking a winner L. Frank Baum's classic did end with all four main characters back home.
But I do have one wish for our Oz and that is a happy ending, because Lord knows we have been in a horror movie far too long.

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mug guy said...

A friend who found it too hard to sign up to sign on told me that she felt I left out Toto. She said that Toto was obviously Bush since he was a dog and we are going to be cleaning up after him for years to come. This is true but in the movie Toto was a good dog, something Bush could never hope to achieve. I would much rather analogize him to one of the witch's monkeys because since his ilk does not believe in evolution he will remain a primate for eternity.