Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mets Need Pray to Testacles (God of all Ball Sports)

(It's pronounced 'TEST ah klees')

In the beginning there were the Dodgers
And they were bums but the fans liked them
And Testacles knew it was good
And they played like bums almost always losing in the end
But still the fans came and it was good.
And then the Dodgers started to get better
And Testacles was pleased and it was all good
But then California beckoned and the Dodgers deserted
And O'Malley said it was good but it was not.
And the Giants followed and it was definitely not good
But into the void Testacles declared there would be a new team
And he made this team out of the ribs of other teams
They were cast offs, has beens, and never was-es
And the fans saw that they were bad but it was good
And lo they were so bad they did not win for fourteen games
And when finally they did win they won it all
And they were called the Amazins
And Testacles was pleased once again and it was good
But the fans became fickle and demanding
Suddenly it was bad and that was not good
And the Amazins stopped amazing anyone
And the fans said free Willie and fire him
And their impatience angered Testacles
So he hardened the hearts of management
And he blinded their eyes to common decency
And he caused them to sneak into the night to perform their deed
And so it came to pass that Willie was fired
But it was done badly and that was not good
And fans were not happy
And so they now pray to Testacles
"Please save our season and make it good."
And Testacles thought about it.
And he said, "I'll get back to you."
And that is all one can ask and that is good.

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