Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Our Next President? – Heaven Help Us

For the first time in my adult life I can truly say that I am ashamed of my country.
Okay, the above statement is not completely true but, just like when Michele O said it not completely false either. After eight years of the most inept leadership our country has ever had, akin to that of places like Haiti we face the very real prospect of four more bad years.
Due to our anemic two-party system America is being asked to choose between two men to take the office of President. There was a very qualified woman running but she was pushed out of the race by a concert of voices that prove the point about politics and strange bedfellows.
Over the past several years in an effort of “Karl Rovian” proportions Senator Hillary Clinton was bashed and vilified at every turn. The media treated her with characteristic disdain calling her Mrs. Clinton instead of the customary and deserved title of Senator. She was belittled for her clothing, I have never heard the term ‘pants suit’ so many times in my life; for standing by her husband after his unfortunate bit of personal straying, which did not seem to hurt our economy; and often merely because she had changed her mind on the issues. As for the first two I will not even dignify them with a response and we all should be ashamed of ourselves for allowing them to influence our opinion in any way shape or form. But for the latter I must take issue. Four years ago the cowards Bush (Texas National Guard deserter) and Rove (useless piece of shit) stole the election from the war veteran John Kerry by “swift boating” him and calling him a 'flip-flopper’ because he changed his mind. I think America wishes to this day that our current moron in residence at the White House changed his mind on the war but alas he has no mind and does not mind sending other peoples children to their death for his own personal oil gains.
Senator Clinton had to endure the lies and dirt thrown at and around her by the Republicans but she was able to do so with her head held high. After all you only had to look at who was against her to realize she would be good for the country.
But the last and worst straw was placed on her back by the people of her own Democratic party. These agenda driven stuffed shirt phonies live and die by the polls (if the polls said they could win the next election by committing suicide I would bet some would consider it a good career move.) They decided early on that the green movement so popular these days should include a ‘green behind the ears’ Senator from Illinois in their plans for the future. The problem is that the future is now and HE IS NOT READY.
The Illinois Senator’s message is one of change and he has been living that message for years. First he changed when he joined his church because his handlers told him he would need to be affiliated with a religious house in order to further his political aspirations. Then he changed again and quit the church when it had proved itself no longer useful. On the one hand it is good that he can change his mind but on the other hand what are his ideals? Obviously he will do or say anything to get his goal so in many ways he is ready to take over from Bush.
Would Senator McCain be any better? He is certainly not green but has he gone past his “use by” date? Is there an independent candidate to come to our rescue? Would that dark horse stand a chance in the politics of the day? Could it be someone we already know? Only time and the media 'spin giants' will tell but as I said at the top I am ashamed of my country.


Anonymous said...

That dark horse's name is:


You still have time. I'll even give you $2.00 towards your campaign funding. You surely can't turn that kind of offer.

Reschzoo said...

Unfortunately politics in this country has become so bad that you can no longer toss your hat into the ring without also throwing in your head and, for most the towel.
I consider myself way too intelligent and honest to be a politician but thanks for the confidence. I'll form a focus group and get back to you.