Saturday, June 21, 2008

Bedfellows make Strange Politicos

They say that politics makes strange bedfellows, sort of like when the competing contestants in the Miss America contest vote for one of their own to be Miss Congeniality. Well did you ever really think Hillary and Barack would be congenial, let alone bed down together?
The two of them are tolerating each other figuring that they benefit by having the other around. But deep down they are the same. Both of them wish the other did not exist. And the funny thing is that a few years ago one of them didn’t exist, at least politically.
But for me I cannot support either of them or the opponent in the main election. At this point I wish all three didn’t exist.
We could have had a well run country with Senator Clinton as President but that ship has sailed thanks to the media, the Democratic leadership with axes to grind and a marketing team worthy of an Oscar.
Our two remaining choices, while diametrically opposed according to their public comments have one thing very much in common. They both suck. With either of them we are heading into another 4 years of awful government. McCain will continue many of the Bush ideas and Republican stupidity when it comes to the environment and basic human rights and needs. But the wealthy will continue their upward climb while those of us on the lower end of the spectrum will continue hoping to attain the wealth they have.
Obama will look for a ‘Kumbaya’ sort of feeling that will backfire in the end leaving us no better off than we have been under the most inept President this or any other country ever had.
However since I am expecting Mr. Kumbaya and his baby mama to inhabit the house of white I pray that four years from this coming January we are still able to afford a gallon of milk or gas.
I pray that the ice caps will not have totally melted leaving Manhattan a submerged reef.
I pray that Israel will still be around and that Mr. Kumbaya has not conceded too much to Iran and the other Holocaust deniers and despisers of that last Democratic country in the Middle East.
I pray that in four years someone will come along to really change the direction America has taken since our last two Bush assholes were king.
And I pray for world peace. And my talents are playing the clarinet and writing short stories and novels. I have lived in New York all my life but I have traveled many other places. Unfortunately I do not look too good in a swim suit.


Anonymous said...

I'd pay to see you wear a two-piece bathing suit on the 4:59 train.

Reschzoo said...

Hey, times are tough - Make me an offer!