Sunday, June 8, 2008

Divided You Fall

I am woman hear me roar
But do not let me ever soar
For you can humor me and then my words ignore

Helen may have been ready (sorry about that one) but clearly America is not. Or more to the point our macho male driven society is not. Nor is the media. Neither are ready to give up their stronghold on power in this country.

Ask yourself who is in control of everything in our world. Do you know a woman in charge of something? Is there not a man above her? And if not then is there a board of directors to whom she must answer and is that board not run by men?

I am not against men, obviously far from it but I must ask this question. In this year of a black man being carried to the Presidency by other men and the media is he the best PERSON for the job? The clear answer is NO. He is even far from the best man but then we just lived, barely through an eight year ordeal of the WORST man for the job so he is at least a step up. He is also the end result of a major marketing and packaging job. This man has no true opinion or stance on any issue other than what he has been coached to say by his savvy handlers. His image is merely a fa├žade.

So what happened?
Why is this novice Senator with a racist wife and racist backers being lauded as the greatest agent of change and savior of our country?
Well for one thing he is not Hillary.

You see we love our women and need them. But “their place is in the kitchen” or “taking care of the babies.” This is not me speaking, this was the answer given by many WOMEN, especially in the South when polled about their vote.
Women said that.
They are not far removed from the ‘barefoot and pregnant’ mentality. And if a woman is going to say that do you think her man is going to argue? Hell no. He is going to quietly sneak out of the place, ‘high-five’ his friends, grab a beer and look for a little poontang.

So what is the solution to this sexist based bias? Well ninety eight percent of the black vote went for Obama. Can those voters be called racist? After all most of them probably voted for him because he is black, or blackish. But if a white person voted against Obama for the same reason he’s labeled racist.

It is clear that in our country no matter what the black activists say you have a better chance to succeed if you are a black man than if you are a woman, of any color.
If ninety eight percent of the women in this country voted for any one individual THAT PERSON WOULD WIN. This is a fact. Of course the men and the media would call them sexist and whisper the "B" word that so many used for Hillary.

According to the last census there were 153 million women in America. Ninety eight percent of 153 million is 150 million. That same census showed 148.6 million men! So one million women could stay in the kitchen and clean the house and feed the baby and they would still win.

Clearly the only way for men to keep their power is to keep women down. And clearly that message is still the law of the land.

Perhaps it is time for women to take a page from the ‘book of black.’ Together women could make a difference in this country because most clearly the men have not done all that well. Words and rhetoric aside it is time for a real change.

The United States was built on the simple motto, “United we Stand.” So ladies, when you are finally ready repeat after me, I am woman, I am invincible, I am strong, I am woman!

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