Thursday, June 5, 2008

Thought for the Day

I saw her on her way to work today
And shook my head with nothing left to say

She was walking and was cute and so petite
With funny flat pink flip-flops on her feet

Her see-through sundress billowed in the wind
And many men stopped, stared, and slightly grinned

But it was cool and drizzling in the street
And wet those funny flip-flops on her feet

Perhaps the weather first she should have checked
Before daring those cool canyons where she trekked

But water, mud, debris, and scum did meet
The now slimy funny flat flip-flops on her feet.

But the final straw for me watching this kid
Was when she stepped out off the curb and promptly slid.

Our future’s in those hands and that’s got me beat.
She wears funny flat pink flip-flops on her feet!

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