Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hollywood Innards

Earlier, or in the blogger-sphere, lower down from here I wrote about my favorite last lines Hollywood style. 
There must be an addendum to the post and it should include favorite scenes not necessarily at the end or the beginning.
In the future I may post another list but for now I wish to put one such scene and one great flub out there.
In Spielberg's Indiana Jones (#3) - Last Crusade Harrison Ford returns to Germany to recover his dad's diary stolen by the Nazis.  The diary has important information in it about the location of the Holy Grail.  While trying to make his escape a crowd pushes him backwards and he inadvertently ends up face to face with Hitler. The Nazi leader stares at him with a total deadpan, then notices the diary.  He takes the book; calls for a pen; autographs the first page and hands it back.
All this done to the amazement of Ford who sports a boyish grin that adds to the fun.

Ordinarily flubs are cut out before a film is released
Thankfully this one was not and it cracks me up every time I see the following scene.
In 'The Fifth Element' the character Father Cornelius, played by Ian Holm comes to the door of Korben Dallas (Bruce Willis) to steal his prize ticket to a hotel, well it's complicated.
But when the door is opened Mr. Holm stutters his worried greeting, "Uh, Mr Willis..."
Without hesitation or change in expression Willis say, "Dallas."
Holm shakes his head and continues, "Dallas..."
And the scene goes on as if nothing had happened.

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