Sunday, January 29, 2012

Response to Continued STUPID Emails!

The rant below is actually an email response by me to a message I received from a woman I used to think had a brain and could analyze rational thought.
I had hoped she would see when some things were out and out lies meant to stir up hatred but sadly she does not dig any deeper than the superficial headline of a story as long as it furthers her and her husband's agenda of getting rid of President Obama.
The unreal hatred of this President by those on the right is out of control.
The last time the right wing was so worked up was when Fox and O'Reilly in particular fanned the flames and caused a crazy person to shoot and kill Dr. Tiller.
After that we hoped things would calm down but an Alaskan loser pumped up her crazies with gun targets on maps and Gabby Giffords is lucky to be alive although many are not as a result of that act.
This rant below was in response to an email telling everyone how awful Michele Obama is and how she had the nerve to spend over $400 at the Waldorf for a room service tab in October 2008!
No notice of the circumstances or if there were 400 people at the meal, just out and out hate!
And no mention of how the $400 was one one thousandth of the amount on Mr. Gingrich's tab at Tiffany.
Not everyone in this world is forever and always a saint, thank goodness.  We would never have any fun if they were.  But not everyone is forever and always as evil as they are made out to be.
I am certain each and every Republican is good sometimes.  I just wish they would show it a little more often and stop fanning the flames of hate.
I for one am tired of this crap and as a result I now have to block emails from a former friend!

My reply:

Let’s take the ni**er b*tch out and lynch her!  Does that fit in with your psyche?
You and your husband have an agenda that revolves solely around Israel and anyone who seems to stand on the side of anything but 110% for that country is to be put to death.
Let’s agree that I too want Israel to survive but I am not so stupid as to believe that the Republicans are asking for power to keep the tiny beautiful country in existence.
The repugnant Republicans realize that they have been able to bamboozle a bunch of you fools into believing they are on your side when in fact they are on nobody’s side but their own!
They want only to keep control and continue to live higher than Michele Obama ever dreamed of living!
And they do so by asking for and keeping bribes they get from the very people who could not care if you live or die!
As for the woman’s food bill at the Waldorf 4 years ago do we really want to go down that road?
Are you willing to tell me that no one else in history has spent cash while in office?
Bush comes to mind and if you add in the lives he threw away on a war for personal gain it runs into the billions, no TRILLIONS!!
Let’s face it if the first lady was mother Theresa you and your group would be vilifying her for paying too much for rosaries!
Get off your high horse and open your eyes to the real sad story of this former great country – We are headed down a dangerous path not because of the policies of the current President or his wife's food bill or even the last President, as unbelievably inept as he was but because of the policies of hate and fear and personal greed of the Congress and the 1% that OWNS them and pollutes your thinking!
Enough with the stupid shit about the Obamas – Physician heal thyself and thy house first then talk to humans!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh, the irony of YOU complaining about incivility and lying. If you had any desire to be taken seriously, you wouldn't link Palin to Gifford's shooting. But you're a voice crying in the wilderness and have the freedom to spew nonsense. Why, though? To vent? Life's too short. You lack the integrity to make your opinions worth anything, at least as far as politics is concerned. Does the word, truth, mean ANYTHING to you? The only people who read your blog are members of the choir to whom you're preaching. How unsatisfying! Hatred has warped your logic, contrary to your claims of being logical to a fault.

Reschzoo said...

Thank you for your civil comment. Palin linked herself to the Gifford shooting but if you don't see that fine, I wouldn't expect you too.
As for the truth issue I guess you have me there as there appears to be differing views of truth in this divided nation.
You believe President Obama is against America and I do not. Which of speaks the truth there? Who cares?
But one final point - I place my name out there and when I voice my opinion it is mine! Do you?
Oh, and thanks for the comment, Really!