Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Future Great Sports Writer

So that you may say I knew him when read the following and take note!
For the rest of this week, and hopefully a bit longer you should really read posts by Rich Resch about the Football Giants and New England Patriots as they head to the Super Bowl.
Rich is a very good writer and an excellent analyst.
Don't take my word for it - go ahead and link over to the Giants Football Blog and see for yourself.
I don't always agree with his thoughts since I am a Giants fan and therefore don't like any other team.  But I have never fully disagreed with them either.  He has a way of pointing out the good and bad of a team that makes the reader sit up and take note.  (That also pisses me off when he proves me wrong but don't tell him that.)
One of these days a smart national media corporation will spot this diamond in the rough, or is it raw and snap him up.  But until then you will have to seek his posts out
As of this moment he has analyzed the two teams' Quarterbacks; Offensive Lines; and Running Backs.  I assume that the defense will be up shortly and perhaps special teams.
I am sure by game time he will have finished his total team analysis and given his thoughtful opinion on the outcome.
Naturally I have no idea what that is since he is only my son and therefore hardly tells me anything but...
If you can you should also link on over to his internet radio show which is live on Tuesday evenings at 9pm and archived for your listening pleasure any other time.
Enjoy his writing and enjoy the game.

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