Monday, January 2, 2012

Get UP! - Early on Weekends

This will seem like an add for a TV show but it's actually a call to arms for all intelligent people who want a talk show that fully covers an issue fairly and without the guests screaming over each other to be heard.
It's called "UP with Chris Hayes" and it airs very early on the East Coast on MSNBC every Saturday & Sunday.  (Check your local listings etc blah blah, yada yada yada.)
I watch the “Up with Chris L Hayes” show all the time and tweet with him (no replies as yet but…) and his supporters regularly because I feel a kinship with concerned individuals with brains.
Having written the last sentence I just lost all Fox viewers!
In my estimation Chris Hayes shares the title of best host/commentator on television by virtue of his understanding of the issues and his fairness toward the other side with Rachel Maddow.  Those two are head and shoulders above anyone I have ever seen on Fox and for the most part better than many of their counterparts on MSNBC.
Mr. Hayes also has a keen awareness of what the viewer is seeing and hearing and often expands upon a guest’s statement so as to bring those less educated on a particular subject into the conversation.
For this reason and the fact that most stations have been afraid to seem too intelligent in the light of attacks from the owner/operators of conservative media Chris L Hayes’ “UP” will most likely never make it to prime time.
This is a terrible shame because the ‘dumbing-down’ of America has got to stop soon or we will all be looking at a Republican controlled government and that is definitely a slippery slope to doom for anyone not in the so-called top 2 or 3% in the country.
As I've always said, an educated electorate is the Republican Party's worst nightmare.
Let's give them restless nights!!!

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Cousin Bruce said...

From my Vegas friend:

Your piece on Chris Hayes was great..lamb chop, as he is called by maddow, seems to have the ability to connect with us commoners. which is a rare virtue in todays' media.
i have requested that msnbc repeat his shows at a slightly better hour during the morning as 4 AM and 5 AM are just a tad early for these old bones to move for anyone or anything, but the old broad.

Thanks to Larry F.