Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Rich Envy Us!?!

There are many points of view on the world and these days everyone has a blog that gives voice to them.  One of the many is a blogging duo who go by the name of Lester & Charlie.
I need add nothing to the following poll which comes by way of their collective brain:

Last week, after a national poll showed that two-thirds of the country now sees a strong conflict between the haves and the have-nots, psycho-rich Mitt Romney stated: “You’re all just jealous.”

We wondered if Mitt and his crowd aren't really jealous of US - so we asked why YOU think the haves might be jealous of the have-nots.

And here's how you answered:

Write-in answers include:
  • Because they get to own a heart
  • They know where to buy the best second-hand clothes
  • Because they've never had the joy of receiving an unemployment check
  • They can't live with the reality of what they have done
  • They want to know what it's like to spend 50% of their income on clothes, just to keep their boss happy
  • They're jealous that we pay for all the roads and bridges and they only get to have their names put on them when they're dead
  • Because life cannot be appreciated without a struggle
  • They suspect that poor people get a discount on the Lester & Charlie newsletter

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