Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Constant Struggle

Today’s news, all from the pages of Newsday.

911 Widow Wins Benefits.
Forget the actual story, what is important is that she had to win.
And against whom do you think she had to win?
She had to fight the insurance industry. Well actually not a new story but indicative of how they act and react when faced with the prospect of paying out on a policy they sold to the public who bought it and in good faith paid the premiums on.  And what goes unnoticed is it's now TEN YEARS after 911!

Some Long Islanders wrote letters, printed today railing against people who want the wealthy to pay more taxes.
These are average people who I assume do not make millions yet still fight the fight for the wealthy who, frankly wouldn't stop or stoop to close their eyes and place coins on them if they found their corpse in the gutter.
I don’t want the wealthy to pay too much, just their fair share and stop with the bullshit loopholes.

Among all his other crazy ideas such as calling for the death penalty for being gay Ron Paul is promising to eliminate the IRS if he wins the Presidency.
And just how will government run without any cash sir?
Oh I forgot, you don’t think government should run!
Can this tiny minded Anti-Semitic racist pig moron troll be more insane?

A new tactic on Long Island has turned up as thieves acting in pairs trick the elderly into letting them in to their homes by posing as new neighbors or electric company employees, etc. One chats with the owner and walks a little way away from the front door allowing his partner to gain entrance and rummage through the house undetected.
This is repulsive. Why can’t they rob and steal from the poor and middle class the honest way, they way most employers are doing it these days?
Business owners threaten unemployment or hint at it while demanding more hours and harder work in return for lower wages, less benefits and higher costs on health care.
They then reap the benefits of this nearly slave labor in excess profit and cry all the way to the bank about how business is down before heading out on another vacation.

A man had to sue his insurance company after he was forced to pay for a ‘well doctor’ visit that he was told would be fully covered.
I guess the agent who told him that had his fingers crossed behind his back!
According to the law, until the Republicans can repeal it insurance companies must fully cover ‘preventive care’ doctor visits and not even charge a co-pay unless something terrible is found and a procedure must be performed.
This tactic is the latest one by all insurance companies in their ongoing effort to totally screw the public.
No bill will be approved and no claim will be paid until and unless all possible avenues of obfuscation have been explored and the sheriff is at the door with a warrant to arrest the lying son of a bitch CEO with a separate subpoena for all of his records!

More letters in the paper from smokers who are angry at smoking bans.
HEY, in case you missed the news from a couple of decades ago SMOKING KILLS!
It kills the smoker which is fine but it also kills the innocent people around the smoker who inhale the vile second hand smoke.
And when the smoker uses the argument that there are other pollutants in the air so why only go after cigarettes the only possible answer is, WE’RE GOING AFTER ALL OF THEM YOU IDIOT! Now would you please going into a hermetically sealed room and light up!

And finally come the letters from those who are so angry at President Obama for ramming health care down their throats.
I almost do not know where to begin so I won’t.
But I would like to suggest that those people not opt in for any health care and then go out and smoke a few cartons of unfiltered cigarettes.
Then calmly drop dead somewhere not too close to an emergency room.
We wouldn’t want you to accidentally have health care rammed down your asinine throat!

I cannot wait for tomorrow's edition.
I need a drink!

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