Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Winter's Lament - Reprinted

I think my nose is running
It's impossible to tell
You see it's frozen solid
And it cannot even smell.

My glasses are all fogged up
Just to see straight would be nice
My eyes are surely tearing
But my tears have turned to ice.

I know that I am moving
Just as sure as the North wind blows
There is no doubt about it
I just cannot feel my toes.

I scratch my head with fingers
That have long since fallen numb
To walk around on days like these
I really must be dumb.

I cannot wait 'til June comes
Ah the Summer will be sweet
Of course you know I'll then bemoan
The awful Summer heat!

(I originally wrote this in my head while walking and freezing on the streets of Manhattan many years ago.
I had just been laid off and was going to meet with a new company in the hopes of hooking up with them.
I survived the walk from Penn Station to the interview but just barely.
While I did not get that job I did get one a month later, when the weather was turning just a bit more human.
A friend of mine read this and sent it in to a local paper. They must have liked it because they printed it.
But the funny thing is they gave the 'By-Line' to a Bruce Research - adding 'ear' to my name for some reason. However since no royalties were involved it mattered not.
I hope you enjoy the poem.)

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