Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Couple of Side Issues

Most active political watchers already know the following but...

Today it was announced that the George W Bush - Dick (F U America) Cheney think tank formerly known as the U S Supreme Court has ruled that corporations can use unlimited amounts of money to campaign for the puppet, I mean Politician of their choice.

The vote was mind blowing NOT at 5 to 4.

It really should not matter what large corporations want because we the people should vote the way we wish, right?

This is reality Greg!

Most Americans are sheep getting their feed from Fox and the like. A well turned phrase delivered with sound-bite quickness will get more favorable votes than the knowledge that the candidate is a convicted criminal!

Don't get me wrong, our Congressmen are not convicted criminals - Yet!

Look for more infomercials and full length videos produced by large corporations all aimed at your mind and your vote.

Think SPAM was awful?

But while the Supremes were getting their way our House Homeland Security Committee was busy earning their pay listening to the Bimbo Michaele Salahi and her useless husband Tareq recite those wonderful words from the Fifth Amendment.

After refusing to answer any questions one can only hope that the two poster children for the White Trash community will slink back to a trailer somewhere and mingle with their betters.

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