Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Corporation and the Mohel

A traditional rite of passage in the Jewish religion is the Bar Mitzvah.

A male becomes Bar Mitzvah (females are Bas or Bat Mitzvahed) on the 13th birthday in part by reciting his Haftorah and reading from the Torah as part of a minyon. After fulfilling the full spectrum of requirements he triumphantly turns to the congregation and proudly announces, "Today I am a man!" This is usually followed by a great party.

As with all religious rituals it is well known within its own community but elsewhere - not so much.

This week the honor of saying the words all Jewish 12 year olds cannot wait to say was given to a much larger group by our nation's highest court.

In a stunning 5 to 4 decision the Supreme Court bestowed upon all corporations the same rights as 13 year old Jews. From now on they are to be considered men with all the rights of an individual!

The great celebration that followed this ruling must have been tremendous. I'll bet that upon hearing the news Vikram Pandit and many other CEOs of large corporations resoundly shouted, Mazel Tov!


Anonymous said...

I don't understand. The president was all over slamming this decision, but everybody is saying he is in the pocket of the lobbyists. Which is he?
Now no one will want to be a politician except for the lowest of the low. Politics will be like Australia was for the British hundreds of years ago. It will be for the unemployable

mug guy said...

G'Day Mate! You've got that right!
How about a little shrimp on the barbie?