Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Are you all Right? S'awriiiiight!

Senor Wences used to say, “For you is e z, for me is difficult.” That is always true as long as you have the luxury of time on your side and can choose the ‘you’ you are talking about.

In politics time is not much of an obstacle. It is a relative thing. As a whole our political parties actually have all the time in the world, or so it seems. It is only individually that they are on the clock.

The public may feel that their Senators or Representatives are in a hurry to get things done so that they can help their constituents and get reelected but truth be told they are interested only in the ‘easy.’

Now don’t confuse that with the ‘Big Easy’ because as was famously shown in 2005 the Big Easy is not very much on the minds of every pol.

Politics used to be called the art of the possible but getting things done in DC is no longer that EZ.

Last year the public sent a message to the leaders in Washington that we wanted something done about the economy and health care and jobs and the list goes on.

We were hoping that the fat cats in the three parts of our government would understand our needs and desires.

But one side decided that being out of power didn’t necessarily mean being out of control. So they got together in smoke filled rooms and C Street bedrooms and Lobbies not generally found in apartment buildings and synchronized their clocks.

The plan was to wait out the Democrats and dam the flood of regulations that were aimed at curing our nation’s woes. ‘After all,’ they felt ‘if things get better while they are in power then we may have a hard time getting our friends elected.’

I cannot be sure those exact words were used but no one can deny the spirit was invoked.

One politician proudly claimed that stopping Obama and his health care initiative will prove to be his Waterloo.

And the new Senator from the former ‘Blue’ state of Massachusetts stated clearly that he will be the 41st vote and thus be able to stop the Democrats from doing anything.

Stop them?

From doing what?

What is it he thought they were going to do?

Wasn't he speaking about the gang that can't shoot straight?

The group that doesn’t have a clue?

Well you might argue that they were going to try and help the little guy on ‘Main Street’ but the ship has now sailed. It has sailed because even though they still hold the majority at 59 to 41 the way in which our Senate is structured that’s just not good enough! And frankly that works just fine for the Democrats who can now blame the obstructionist Republicans for anything bad that happens from here on in.

So we will continue to sit and wait and hope and pray for a miracle. And while we do time will march on and millions more will go broke and die. But the big businesses that own our congress and therefore America will survive.

And a new crop of politicians are honing their skills and practicing their ghost written speeches in front of mirrors reflecting their public faces.

And a new crop of lobbyists are setting their agenda and marking their calendars for November 3rd to meet these figure heads. They've got to be taught before it's too late...

They got their way and nothing will change.

We are not doomed but we are stagnant. Time is on their side, it is not on ours. Will we actually be better off in the long run? Will our children get jobs? Will they have better lives than we had?

For those in power the answer is easy – But for the rest of us, is difficult!

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