Friday, January 22, 2010

Dream On America

Teddy Kennedy always said the dream will go on. And this week proved him to be prophetic! The dream will go on! And on and on and on. That's because it will never be anything but a dream!

So let's get things straight.

After Wall Street finally starting to return to a higher value and thus allow those of us who control nothing to gain back some of our lost 401K value Obama decided to talk tough.

Wall Street decided to get back at him and the rest of us by taking their profits out before we had a chance to fart thus sending our 401Ks back down to December levels.

The nice people of Massachusetts decided that Brown, the scumbag Republican was going to block any and all forms of Health Care reform for the rest of the country and since they already have what the rest of the country wants thereby saving themselves some money at our expense. I can't argue with their logic only their humanity. I hope the rest of the country remembers their kindness the next chance we get to repay them.

As for Ms. Coakley - She is an asshole. If you need an explanation you are not alive.

So unemployment continues to rise as the Insurance companies continue to screw the country.

The Democrats have lost any semblance of objects in their collective scrotum and the President is vowing to fight!

WTF was he doing up until now? I guess by his own words - NOTHING!

And speaking of nothing, that's what the Republicans have done for America ever since they lost power. And like that child of which I spoke of in an earlier post they will continue to do nothing until they get control back. And I guess at that time they will pass legislation outlawing profits for anyone not Republican. (Correction - It has been pointed out to me by a Twitterati friend that the Republicans have in fact done many things since losing the majority in Congress. I apologize for the oversight. The problem is most if not all the things they did hurt normal humans. I hope this clears things up.)


A tremendous amount of Middle class America:

Has no job;
Has no worthwhile health care;
Has no retirement money to speak of;
Has very few prospects; and
Has no hope of a Government OF - BY - and FOR THEM!

The last line is of course not true if you are a corporation. For you Mr. John Roberts and his merry band of ANTI-ROBIN HOODS will continue to do what they can to rob from the poor to give to the rich. The trio of Roberts - Scalia & Long Dong Silver have seen to it that their friends will be taken care of. (Make that a quartet as scumbag filth Alito has added himself into the mix with his sneer and "Not True" statement to the President. If ever there were four candidates for waterboarding...)

The American Dream?
America - Land of dreams for the wealthy
America - Land of nightmares for all others.


mjf said...

Hi Bruce. I am mfpdx on twitter, just so ya know :) I Like your post and think it's on the [wallstreet] money....:( I'm beyond livid; Obama needs to turn into Roosevelt, like YESTERDAY, or I'm afraid he's gonna find the Dems AND himself out of office for the next two decades.

And if THAT happens, I'll have to move to .....anywhere but Unitedcorporatestatesofcormerica. Rw'rs are convinced we won't fight back. Of course, why wouldn't they be, We never do...not since they so successfully demonized us over Vietnam, anyway. But I thik more and more they are wrong; more and more prog's/liberals seem to be ramping it up, gaining the energy so often lacking from our party. I hope it continues and grows, quickly. I love my country and the pondSCUM are ruining it, sooo
We need to be as willing to fight them as they are to destroy us. And I am :(

mug guy said...

The public outrage over the Supreme Court decision may die out as the next soundbite catches the attention of the media and the majority of Americans.
Our problem is similar to the little Dutch boy plugging holes in the dike. We have but 10 fingers and 10 toes and there are far more than 21 holes in our system.
I hope that President Obama and our slimming Congressional majority can RECONCILE (Hint guys!) their differences with each other and start getting things done for those of us on the ground. And do not be afraid of going nuclear as an option.