Thursday, January 21, 2010

I'm Not Listening - So There!

When children do not want to do what they are supposed to do they cover their ears and make sounds to block out their parents. In their minds the bad things will go away if they wait long enough. In this way one child may even disrupt an entire classroom.

Unfortunately if this one bad apple syndrome persists and is reinforced by success it could lead to irrational behavior in later life. This is what we are experiencing in our Congress these days.

Republicans both individually and en masse have an agenda not unlike that unruly child. Unfortunately they are not just trying to get out of doing the dishes. Their ‘deaf ear’ policy is aimed at doing nothing, at least not until they are back in power.

For example, decorated counterterrorism expert Errol Southers has just withdrawn his name from consideration as the new head of the woefully understaffed TSA. He was President Obama’s top choice and a deserving one at that.

Did he do this because he is not qualified?

Most certainly not!

Was he afraid of skeletons in his closet?

I doubt it.

He pulled out because one man (and I use the term loosely) didn’t like him. Or more to the point did not want any change in they way things are being done if it means giving President Obama a victory.

Disgraceful disgusting DeMint, Republican Senator from the wonderful state that gave us the Appalachian Trail - Brazil connection has stated that he is afraid Mr. Southers will attempt to allow the TSA baggage handlers to have collective bargaining rights.


Was that the real reason?

You will not get a real answer from the South Carolinian because its hard to hear with your fingers in your ears.

So DeMint wins and we the people lose.

So where is the outcry over this one one-hundredth Senator being able to stop an appointment? Using the child analogy once more we see the ‘Bully Syndrome.’

Bullies were never in the majority. They got their way by bluster and bullshit and big mouthed insults aimed at those they hated or rather feared for no real reason. Weak minded followers did so for fear of being in the path of wrath if they did not.

The voters of this country were sick of the Bush Cheney administration and their bullying tactics. We voted them and many of their followers out of office last year. We hoped the Democratic majority would do the right thing.

Most people on ‘Main Street’ hated and still hate the fact that the fat cats of Wall Street and the CEOs of bailed out banks are paying themselves huge bonuses. This money basically came from tax payer dollars used to stop the failures they themselves caused!

Most Americans wanted and still want fair reform on health care insurance. And by fair I mean insurance that allows individuals to get affordable competitive non-biased professional health care without having to beg an accountant for approval.

However in the year that followed the bully purge the surge has died out. Disappointment in the wussies of the Democrat Party and their lack of a united team mentality has turn off many former supporters.

The polls are showing these Democratic and Independent rebels to be abandoning the Democrats and turning back toward the dark side and Darth Vader. There is talk that come November the Republicans could even take back control of Congress.

If that happens the Empire will surely strike back! Forget the “Death Panels” and fear the “Death Star!”

Because the same men vying for seats in congress are the puppets of big business; big insurance; and any lobby with big deep pockets. They are the bullies of our childhood.

And when the bullies get their way and finally take their fingers out of their ears look out!

Be careful what you wish for America!

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