Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Counting Calories? They're not!

I hate to burst anyone's bubble unless they really deserve it. Of course the list of those who deserve it has increased exponentially in the last year but...

Did you know that the fast food industry is lying to us? I know, I know it was hard for me to believe it also. I mean we are their customers and they need us to survive so why would they want to lie?

Well facts are facts and a recent scientific study showed that many places are posting wrong figures for the caloric content of their crap. And not surprisingly the numbers always seem to be on the low side of reality.

The study can be found in the Wall St. Journal, that bastion of industry and safe haven for the machine vs. the little man so you know it must be true. Here is the link to the actual story.

I especially enjoyed the opening line about Joey Chestnut (whose last name holds the key to the man's psyche) and the fact that he consumed over TWENTY THOUSAND CALORIES eating those hot dogs on Coney Island during his quest to regain the title of stupidest idiot on the Earth from his arch rival and equally idiotic Japanese competitor.

But the rest of us are a bit more modest in our choice of food, at least in quantity. However with the economy in the toilet many people are forced to eat cheaper food and we all know that fast food restaurants offer the cheapest food around, that is if you do not add the cost of doctor visits and shortened life spans.

So why would these bastions of bogus nutrition need to poison their patrons? PROFIT!

Come on America, you can figure this one out. You can make more money serving shit than actually making sure the food is healthy!

Enough of me saying so - Visit the government's page for yourself and start living better. We pay enormous amounts of taxes in this country the least we can do is afford ourselves some of the benefits.

So visit the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and learn how to live longer and healthier. And think of how many more of my posts you'll be treated to along the way - Or not.

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