Thursday, July 9, 2009

Oh I Wish I Was an...

Some related issues in the news:

7-4-09 Joey Chestnut breaks record by cramming 68 hot dogs down his throat to regain the coveted VD award (Vomitus Disgustus) from Japanese champion Takeru Kobayashi.

7-6-09 Oscar Mayer dies.

7-6-09 Long Island politician and all around idiot Peter King (he's only a Republican so we should cut him some slack) declares that the coverage of the Michael Jackson festivities is out of hand since the deceased was a "Pervert, pedophile and child molester."

7-7-09 NAACP (which should probably be renamed the N quadruple A CP-I'll let you figure it out) comes out with harsh language against the insensitive King calling him and his remarks racist.

7-7-09 to 7-9-09 Twitter world and fans of M. Jackson jump on board with criticism of King (Peter that is.)

7-10-09 Rational thought prevails as it is noted that King never even mentioned the words Black or African American in his statement about the deceased 'King of Pop' leading one to wonder if the NAACP therefore associates the traits of p
ervert, pedophile and child molester to be solely in the Black community.
Foot in mouth?

7-8-09 In order to break the stalemate in New York's state senate in Albany Governor Paterson appoints former MTA chairman Richard Ravitch as Lieutenant Governor. The move which is the right and duty of the Governor comes months later than it should have but better late than never. It will also help to break that stalemate that has stymied NYS for months since the Lt. Governor presides over the State Senate and has the deciding vote in the event of a tie.

7-9-09 Showing their constant disregard for the population of the state and the reason the Republicans are in such disfavor these days the SOBs, I mean GOP members go to court to block the appointment of Mr. Ravitch. This latest move by the local 'Party of NO' assures state Senators the freedom to do whatever they want for the summer while the rest of us drown in debt with no services and no end in sight.

Finally 7-9-09 According to a headline in Newsday "Scientists tout sperm creation." (This is something I have been personally touting for many years but that's another story.) However the article goes on to inform us that the London based scientists have found a way to produce sperm in a laboratory. Before conjuring up visions of X-Rated magazines strewn all over the floor and empty beer bottles in petri dishes we are told that the sperm was produced by turning embryonic male stem cells into the desired product. Naturally more testing and more time is needed to perfect the process that precludes the need for 49% of the world's population.

7-10-09 Shouting "Free at last, Free at last, etc. Women the world over are lining up in front of divorce attorney offices awaiting final clinical tests.

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