Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Get the L out - Palin

Here is my take on the woman of Wasilla. Palin is a Pain. But wait a while!

(Have some fun with her name-How many words can you make using those letters? - Pan - Lip - Nap - Nip - etc.)

But no matter what you think about her she is a force. Granted that does not make her good or even newsworthy. I would love for the cable services and newspapers to just stop reporting her every bowel movement but...

A month before the Vice Presidential debate between lovable foot-in-the-mouth Biden and the former ESPN sports caster and beauty queen with a flute from Alaska the GOP hired a coach to train their candidate in the fine art of debating. The coach declared to a few insiders at the time that this woman seemed afraid not of the confrontation but of the fact that she basically knew nothing. She feared that her stupidity on the issues (My words, her sentiment) would be exposed and unless Playboy was willing to fork over some cash exposing herself was not on the menu.

However the coach later admitted that she actually handled the debate quite well and although expectations were low she nevertheless exceeded them.

This brings me to my point. Ms. Palin is or can be a fast learner and she is definitely a fighter. Given time and the tools needed she will be able to fool enough of the people to get back her political clout. In order to do this she would have to go away and study; learn the issues and figure out how to couch her statements and answers to questions on those issues in an intelligent manner.

I am not saying she will become good or even smart but I am saying that she could become adept enough at the game of politics so as to keep her foot out of her mouth long enough to succeed. And if she succeeds she will be back and soon, say in time for the 2012 run.

Let's not forget that 4 years before he was elected President not too many people knew Barack Obama. He studied and made all the right moves, joined and quit all the right Churches and came up with an internet plan to rake in the cash second to none. He then wiped the floor with all opponnets. Okay Jiminy Cricket would have looked better than any Republican after 8 years of Bush-Cheney but he did come off as impressive.

Remember this post in 2 years and when Palin resurfaces, assuming she goes away (please God) I will expect more than a few "Wow, you were right's."

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train buddy said...

All I can say is she nauseates me and I truly do wish she would just go away.