Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sovereignty Should Not Be Concealed

Senator John Thune, Republican from South Dakota has tacked on a tiny piece of legislation to a defense budget bill.

This in and of itself is not news as Senators frequently use this tactic to push through a possibly unpopular agenda of theirs along with a sure fire bill. Some Senators will actually place a terrible addition on a bill knowing it will never be passed in order to stop the original one from succeeding. Thus Congress never gets enough work done and we never get the governance we believe we voted for.

The Thune addition concerns guns. His addition to the defense bill would allow anyone obtaining a permit in a State that allows the carrying of a concealed weapon to legally enter any other State in the Union and carry the concealed killing device even if that State has outlawed the practice. And he has added the old Republican patriotic line that worked so well for the previous administration by saying that a vote against the bill is a vote against the defense budget and therefore a vote against our troops.

In other words Senator Thune does not understand the meaning of the word sovereignty. His former President, the illustrious and brainy George W Bush also had a famous problem with the word. So for the benefit of the gun-toting NRA lover from South Dakota and his supreme leader W let me learn ya sumthin.

A sovereign entity has control over itself when it comes to decisions concerning it's life and the safety and well being of its citizens. Outside forces must respect their authority and obey their laws within its borders. It is not a new idea and version date back fairly far in the history of the World. Hey guy, have you ever heard of the silly phrase, "When in Rome...?"

Senator you may keep your concealed weapons hidden along with your obviously low IQ and continue to worship the Gods of the NRA but please stop showing off your stupidity and lack of understanding when it comes to the real world.

Rapid City is nice but Rapid Fire kills.

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