Saturday, July 25, 2009

Citi Never Sleeps - Neither Do We

Jefferson Starship recorded a song (words by Bernie Taupin et al of Elton John fame) entitled, "We Built this City." And since the song was written by Taupin and recorded by Starship any time it is used by others permission and royalties must be paid to them.

The same should be true of all things owned by someone in that if someone else uses it a fee must apply.

The tax-payers of America bailed out Citi Bank to the tune of billions of our dollars and now one of the employees of a part of Citi Bank wants a bonus in the amount of $100,000,000.00!

Andrew Hall who runs a shady end of Citi and whose figures have never been disclosed in annual reports other than to say "money and investments from other accounts" make up this amount has made a profit for Citi in the past and now wants to be paid the greedy amount noted above.

Unfortunately for this shady SOB the people he made the deal with are no longer in charge, we are. And as the new owners I say this bastard should take his greedy ass and his small team of 'talent' and march the hell out of the bank. And if the disgusting piece of filth wants to sue us, the US Government that is then be our guest. I truly hope he lives a long life but even if he does it will not be long enough to finish the battle because I think we can drag this mother out until he finally does the rest of us a favor and drops dead.

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