Monday, May 18, 2009

With Sex You Get Egg Roll

Now that I have your attention is anyone up for a trip to the far east?

With the economy in the dumps and businesses trying anything to jump start their bank accounts new ideas crop up everywhere. Today's new entrepreneurial spirit comes not from the United States, although we certainly have our share of radical ideas but rather from China.

The Dragon of the east has announced their Newest Theme Park and this one is guaranteed to turn some heads, or give some, uh well you'll see. It is called "Love Land" and as the name suggests it is a suggestive place. I am not sure if they named any of the rides yet but I have a suggestion - Beulah.

The entrance to the park is entrancing but visitors are reminded to also look down as they pass beneath the ladies open legs lest they step in anything unpleasant.

This educational theme park will also attempt to send visitors on the right path when it comes to safe sex and while it is getting a bad rap in the neighborhood I am willing to bet that a local store selling wigs and other disguises will be doing a good business this season.

I wonder if Wal*Mart will offer a discount.

For those of you in the States who are on a budget you might want to start a bit smaller and visit the Museum of Sex located just off Fifth Avenue on 27th Street in Manhattan. And from there you can take in great Chinese food at many local restaurants (let me know - I have some favs.)

So when the 'Time is Right' just say 'Viva Via' China and head on over to Love Land.

All in all it is nice to see business, among other things pointing up in Asia.

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