Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Proposition Hate

When it comes time for people of faith as they like to be called to meet their maker I truly hope he or she smacks them upside their faces for their continued disregard of the, "Do unto others" line.

From that wonderful State that brought you such campaign slogans as, "Vote Yes on Proposition No" comes the latest setback to peace and harmony in the home and slap in the face of so many of their own law-abiding citizens. In typical California fashion California's Supreme bunch of wussies voted to uphold a ban on same sex marriage earlier this week. It appears that the bunch of sun-tanned twinkies still have a way to go before they reach the intelligence, morality, decency and compassion of those wonderful people in Iowa. (There are 8 or 9 more states entering the modern world at this time.)

Perhaps it is time to simplify the issue so that even the brain-dead can understand it - I know that was a low blow but it was not only aimed at you, Miss California. Let's do away with marriage by definition as far as the government is concerned and go to a more logical "Civil Union" plan. Leave marriages to the churches and temples and farms and cruise ships and start recognizing the Civil Union as the key to benefits for couples in America.

Church and State were supposed to be separated a long time ago but one side cannot seem to get the meaning of the term into it's head and continues to stick it's Holy nose into places it belongeth not! (Keep doing it and you should lose your tax exempt status! That will stop you hypocrites faster than the Walls of Jericho.)

The Gay and Lesbian Communities are gearing up for a fight and in true California terms have VOWED as one saying, "I'll Be Back."

But why should the joy and absolute Hell of marriage (by any name) be the sole privilege of the hetero community? Just as misery loves company I believe it is time for America to allow Civil Unions between any two loving individuals who can sign a consent form and are deemed intelligent enough to do so. Frankly if they are gluttons enough to want what the rest of us have then I say go for it! They'll learn that the grass is not always greener...

And speaking of grass - Did you know that that's legal in California? Go figure!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your very true sentiments. As it stands now, you have to be a lawyer to navigate through a legal abyss to determine partnership rights. There is no equivalent to the rights one gets under marriage. According to The Empire State Pride Agenda,
Neither civil unions nor domestic partnerships are the same as marriage. Neither secure the federal rights and responsibilities that come with marriage, such as Social Security survivor benefits and immigration rights. Because it is undetermined whether civil unions or domestic partnerships will be recognized outside of jurisdictions that grant them, same-sex couples in these relationships may lose their legal protections when they relocate or travel. There is also far stronger precedence for private institutions like businesses recognizing marriage for benefits ranging from employee health insurance to bereavement leave. For example, in New Jersey some employers have refused to add civil union partners to an employee’s health insurance because the partners are not married. Civil unions and domestic partners are also no substitute for marriage because as separate institutions they inherently imply that the love between people of the same sex is less valid than the love between people of the opposite sex. As long as same-sex couples are denied the choice of entering into marriage—the legal institution used by the state to support loving couples and their families—we are denied equality with our neighbors.

mug guy said...

And I agree with all you say with one proviso - We make laws and we can change them. I do not profess to know how to navigate the stormy seas that are our tangled legal system but I do know that we cannot continue this same way forever. Stay the course was a catch phrase for the last President and we see where that brought us.
If we make civil unions the new and legal representation of marriage under the law of the United States then the rights granted to all those with civil union certificates will be the same. Marriage will become a term used by religious entities only and have little or no standing in the legal community.
Naturally it sounds naive and oversimplified. It is by no means simple but just as every journey begins with a single step so too does every amendment. The step I propose is conversation between level headed intelligent humane humans. Both sides must come to the table and realize we are all tax-paying law-abiding citizens in pursuit of life liberty and happiness. We should all be entitled nothing less!
Oh, and thank you for your comments. Please feel free to pass my thoughts to anyone interested in listening as I will do with yours.

Sharon said...

very true. You have my vote and you should run for office.It baffles me that everyone does not see the logic.
...your sister in-law
(I wrote the previous "letter" but it somehow came out as anonymous)

mug guy said...

No reason to be baffled - The title of the piece truly explains it - HATE. Fear can be added and some even think it will cost them money but if they would open their brains they would have to give in to the sheer simple logic.
So the only conclusion is Hate or no brains! I leave the choice to them.

Amber Columbia said...

folkspod on Twitter

I think you are RIGHT ON. I'll add that logic and emotions don't seem to go hand in hand. The Civil Union issue doesn't seem to be logical on EITHER SIDE. A man and a woman go before the Justice of the Peace, THAT is a CIVIL UNION. Two women go before the Justice of the Peace or two men, those are CIVIL UNIONS.

I am for separation of church and state but I do stand for THE CHURCH'S rights to opinion in THEIR CHURCH, not mine and certainly not for the citizens of the U.S.A. Say what you will, believe what you will, but don't impose religious law on the nation.

mug guy said...

YAY - Absolutely. There are so many issues that this one thing touches it would take quite a few more posts to discuss all, however the separation of Church and State is at the heart of many of them.
We cannot get around the fact that one main campaign issue for every election in this country is religion. I am rooting for President Obama in every way but even he had to join a Church in order to get elected to Chicago's Senate or so he thought. And then he switched, or rather dropped his affiliation to the racist at that Church during the Presidential campaign. Believe it or not JFK took a lot of heat for his religion and more than a few people were secretly discussing Joe Lieberman's in 2000.
But like you point out all people have a right to their opinion as do Churches. No one person or entity's opinion should have more weight than any another's.
Once we can agree to disagree BUT live and let live then America may truly become the home of the brave and the land of the free. (Too corny?)

sharon said...

Nassau County Executive Tom Suozzi just revealed that he supports marriage equality. Previously, he had been against it.

In a New York Times article, the County Executive describes how he worked through the complicated issues surrounding same-sex marriage and reached the conclusion that legalization was imperative to ensure equal rights for our community and for all citizens of New York.