Saturday, May 9, 2009

Love May Be Hazardous

The first celebrity to succumb to the Swine flu has been reported.

It is believed that this beloved individual was infected during a liaison with his some-time mixed species lover.

Officials fear that his death will be used by certain uncaring groups to promote same species marriage and further deteriorate relations between loving and caring individuals in non-traditional relationships around the world.

Here is the first exclusive photo of the unfortunate victim.

While funeral services will be private you may show your respect and love for this fallen celebrity by hopping over to your loved one and snuggling.

There will now be one less song about rainbows.


train buddy said...

This has to be one of your best. You should definitely submit it to Newsday.

mug guy said...

Thanks - I would consider doing that but I fear the trauma it might cause the little ones. Not to mention the lawyers residing on Sesame Street. We all know how 'piggy' they can get when it comes to suing for damages.