Wednesday, May 20, 2009

In Their Own Words

I am typing with a couple of fingers of my left hand since my right arm is in a cast. That is not important to this post except to say that the subject was so important that I had to get this down even though it is hard to do so.

I would like to start an occasional column entitled, "In Their Own Words" because many times you read stuff about people and you say, "Whoa, that can't be true! There's no way they said or did that!"

Here is the first edition of the column. This one honors one of the 'Fox' celebrities. He is an absolute mean moron who is listened to and watched by people who don't realize what he really is. While this could describe almost every Fox commentator today's winner is Glenn Beck.

Get ready to cringe, send Whoopie Goldberg a thank you note and click below for an excerpt from "The View."

Ladies and gentlemen, in his own words I give you Glenn Beck.


Paul said...

Why the cast? Hope you're feeling well. -P

mug guy said...

Calcium build up on right wrist - operation fixed it (?) but cast quite annoying. Someone should invent a cast with holes here and there so one can SCRATCH AN ITCH! Hey, I just did!