Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dick Head

Well maybe I should have entitled this, "Head shot of Dick!" (Hey, that sounds like a good idea, a head shot! Just like he took of his so-called friend during his infamous hunting expedition.)
Somehow it doesn't matter because no matter how you say it this guy is reprehensible.

But I feel Webster's should consider using his image over the phrase, "Dick Head."

Who better to be the poster child for the phrase than our own former VP and hate mongering piece of turd than DC's own and G W Bush's Dick - Dick Cheney? (Do not confuse him with Karl Rove merely because I used the word, "Turd." Bush's nickname for that S.O.B. was "Turd Blossom.")

I wonder what secrets this person has in that thing he calls a mind? Perhaps a few hours of water-boarding would loosen his lips. After all, it's not really torture, right Dick?

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