Sunday, May 10, 2009

Rules of Brittania

It is safe to say that there are many laws on our books that are strange. Most of them are old and our lawmakers just never got around to changing them or even just taking them off the books.

Many other laws are just so ridiculous and hard to enforce that no one really worries about breaking them. For example it is against the law to feed the pigeons in NYC presumably unless you are feeding them to someone.

And how many of you jay walk? No names please because it is illegal. I know I grew up with some dumb phrase about crossing at the green...

Through the years many strange laws and customs find themselves onto the internet and unless they are from our culture we find them hard to believe. This is not to bring up that kind of law but rather the fun ones.

So in that spirit click the following link and read a short list of some of
England's most nonsensical.

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