Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Star is Born?

Today I had the pleasure of meeting some people at Newsday's Melville offices. Unfortunately it was not for a job interview but rather a discussion about the Summer of '69 .

While it was no Summer of 42 the interviewer was also no Jennifer O'Neill and I am certainly not Hermie. I better not get started - I loved that movie. I also know some things about the lovely star, Ms. O'Neill but I refuse to tarnish her reputation here on the web so you'll have to ask me in person or confidence if interested.

Anyway I was at Newsday today for a short but enjoyable talk about my experiences for that summer and in particular how they related to the Mets. The interview lasted a whopping 15 minutes at most and was done with three video cameras running. Afterward they took a series of still photos. I wish I had put on more make-up but...

The written article about that summer will be in Newsday some time late June I believe and the videos, there were many others scheduled, will be available on the web around the same time or aired on News 12.

I don't expect too much of my stuff to appear on either place so I will have my own piece ready for prime time and post it then.

Next stop Hollywood, or with my luck Bollywood.


train buddy said...

Now I know why you decided on having your wrist operated on so that you'll be able to sign all the autographs that are going to be coming your way. I didn't realize I actually know a celebrity. Hope you're feeling better.

mug guy said...

The wrist ain't signin' nutthin for a while! It's the left one typing now and it isn't pretty. As for feelings - I've been better. Quite frustrating not being able to get printed all that is going through my head right now.