Thursday, February 19, 2009


In a bit of irony whenever I wish to write another tidbit of my thoughts on-line I do so by placing what is called a "New Post." But this time my post is about the old Post. As in the same old Post.

I am speaking of the rag known as the NY Post although if I were the Mayor I would ask them to remove the NY from their name.

This rag has not changed in all the years it has perpetrated its ugly opinions on the public and still has not figured out how to be anything but moronic.

A tragedy is generally not funny. A near tragedy can be amusing if viewed in a certain way using intelligence, a trait the NY Rag does not possess.

For example: When geese caused the US Air flight into the Hudson there were accolades for the crew and jokes about the NEAR tragedy all over the place including one on this blog. Of course even in that case some were probably offended but there was no inherent hatred behind the humor.

However the cartoon run by the rag that shows the chimpanzee shot dead by police with a caption about a failed bailout is a poor attempt at humor and a blatant racial attack on the President. And naturally it ignores the fact that a woman is fighting for her life as a result of the incident while another one mourns the loss of her pet / family member.

In these tough economic times we are all looking for a way to cut back on expenses. With the internet and cable TV providing us with constant 24/7 news and sports coverage there is really no need to waste a penny on this sham of a paper. Show your outrage not by commenting on them but by ignoring them. Do not allow them into your home and perhaps they will go away.

I have always loved the way we use acronyms to juxtapose hidden meanings for groups but here is one that is not only out in the open it is very apropos:
Post And THE Tremendously Inane Cartoon (PATHETIC)


Anonymous said...

Liberals must not have been born with a sense of humor.

they are conditioned to cry and scream "RACIST" without even thinking about what they are complaining about. they will never be mistaken for serious thinkers.

mug guy said...

It's possible, but I thought your comment was pretty funny.
I guess you and I don't know each other well enough.