Friday, February 13, 2009

Another TV Re-Run

This is an addendum (make that Adden-Dumb! since I am going to be talking about Republicans) to my story about TV and the World

The stimulus bill that is trying to make its way through congress to help every citizen of America is having a great deal of trouble doing so. The reason is the Grand Obstructionist Party (GOP) and their posturing ways.

The latest is a continuation of all the talking points they have been spewing ever since they lost the White House and so many seats in Congress. One after the other is saying that the Democrats are just not listening to them. "If they would just take our plan and use it things would be better but the Democrats refuse to listen to us."

First of all that is a bold faced lie. The fact is the Democrats cannot help but listen to them because they don't shut up! But they aren't actually saying anything. Telling us they have a plan is not a plan. For the sake of the country and the world please shut up and start doing something. We pay you way too much money to be logjams! Your job is one thing and one thing only - Governance. Do your job or retire to the lobby position you have had your eyes on your entire political life.

They ruled the country for two terms under the most inept President we have ever had and nearly ruined the world. That brings me to the final TV show reference - EIGHT IS ENOUGH!!!!!!!!

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