Monday, February 2, 2009

The Economic Climate - Hazy Followed by, Uh Haze

You might as well wet your finger and hold it up in the wind to check both the weather and the economy these days. I have always complained about the weather people and how they get away with being wrong so often and still have a job but they are not the only ones these days.

Listen to any financial broadcast and you will be amazed at the number of different right opinions
you will hear. Forget partisan politics the so-called financial experts cannot agree on what the country needs to get it back on track!

hile the Republicans are all repeating whatever Rush Lamebrain or Schmuck Hannity are telling them to say the pundits on CNBC; MSNBC and all the rest are spewing their own versions of the absolute guaranteed fix to what ails us. If just half of them were right we would already be on the road to recovery instead of looking at a lost year worse than Ray Milland's weekend! And the funny, not in the ha-ha sense of the thing is they are all partially right.

You see the problem is not going to be fixed with a single policy change. No magic bullet exists that can turn eight years worth of ruinous governance int
o the boom years of the Clinton era. We need rather a shotgun approach.

The major problem is that we will not get a concerted effort on the part of the lawmakers in Washington because they all have their own agendas and they all have secure jobs, at least for now. The only current leader who is on the clock at this moment is President Obama because no matter what he does he cannot hold his office past 2016. But the obstructionists in Congress may be where they are for life.

Just like the
weatherman who could easily predict sunny and 75 degrees in New York for tomorrow and still be smiling on the TV on Saturday when they give the latest forecast!

Perhaps we could ask the people of those two professions to switch places. I don't see how either could do a worse job than they are doing now and maybe they could be better!

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