Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Phone Bills & Tax Cuts

Many years ago I paid $30 per month for phone service. Then the government did us a favor by chopping up AT&T because it was just too big. We may never know what went on behind the scenes but our leaders broke up the monopoly claiming it would save individuals a great deal of money through competition.
Ever since the breakup the new phone companies have offered promotions and deals guaranteed to save us money. I took advantage of a few of those and my phone bill is now down to just $300 per month.

Throughout my lifetime the mantra of the Republican Party has been tax cuts.
The way to fix the economy is through tax cuts.
The way to a better life is through tax cuts.
The way to security for all Americans is through tax cuts.
The way to a better sex life is through tax cuts.
The Republicans had their way in our government when they held the majority and obstructed the Democrats when they did not. They continue to promote tax cuts as the cure to what ails us now.

And yet at this moment the only thing more costly than my phone bill is my tax bill. Please don't cut my taxes anymore, I can't afford it.

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