Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Of Stones & Men (& Women)

There is an old story about Jesus of Nazareth spotting a crowd stoning a woman for her sins.
The young prophet stops the punishment and standing in front of the woman yells, "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone."
Suddenly a rock thrown from the back of the crowd strikes the woman dead.
There is silence as Jesus spots the culprit and says, "You know ma, you're really starting to piss me off!"

Obviously that is a joke but what's going on in the world today is most certainly not funny.

And whether or not you believe in her right to that stone the admonition was and still is a good one. But that old scene has been altered into a modern day farce that is being played out in Washington DC.

The sin we are trying to stone is the colossal collapse of the World's economy. Unfortunately there does not appear to be anyone, ANYONE who deserves the task of casting that first stone!

From Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg (remember when that was her name?) to Tom Daschle with side trips to Killefer and good old Bill Richardson it is becoming evident that the entire Washington crowd has reason to drop their stones. Perhaps they don't realize that April 15th happens every year.

Even newly confirmed and slightly embarrassed Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner had the stones to admit he forgot to pay some of his taxes.
As with all of the above Mr G. has since made amends with the IRS.

Maybe a good way to close our deficit would be to nominate every Senator and Representative to an admi
nistration position. Think about it!

It is time for our young President to step up to the cameras and in front of the economic disaster and ask the crowd, "Is there anyone here who is without sin?"

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