Friday, May 6, 2011

Pent up Thoughts

Great news!  I have a job
Terrible News!  I have a job!
Okay, it's great news for me but if anyone out there wants to read my rants they have to sign up for Twitter and follow me there.  You see with a job comes responsibility.  And with responsibility comes time management.  And I have far less time to put my thoughts down on paper, uh, make that E-Paper.
As a result I think in 140 character sound-bites fit for the world of Twitter.
There is some good in writing only 140 character 'tweets' since that is around the attention span of many people these days, certainly that is the far end of attention span of Fox news viewers!
Seriously, can you ever believe that anyone who watches Fox or listens to that incredibly evil moron Limp Balls on the radio has an attention span long enough to figure out they are lying???
But for now I would like to offer a few views - Headline-like only as to what has been going on in our world these days.
Osama is dead!  Obama did it but Bushies are trying to spin it their way.  Condoleeeeeeeeza says he deserves a great deal of credit.
Because if that most inept of Presidents and his gang of asinine idiots AKA the gang who couldn't shoot straight had gotten the evil bastard then Obama wouldn't have had to!

Our friends in the Pakistani government were so surprised that Osama was living in luxury right under their noses!
They were only surprised that we finally figured it out!

Oil prices have risen and then fallen but gas prices have only gone up!
Is anyone surprised?
If you are then you haven't been paying attention so let me tell you in quick terms:
If Exxon wants to make billions and not pay taxes how else would they get away with it?

The Republic Party wants to create jobs - BULLSHIT!
They want to create more wealth for their owners in big business and themselves.
If they were really interested in the American middle class, AKA humans then they might not have targeted the health care reform bill for repeal and Planned Parenthood and National Public Radio and many other issues that concern women's health as their first priorities after taking control of the House!!!  Obviously if they had told the electorate that was their first order of business they would not have gotten a majority!
In fact they might not have gotten ANY VOTES and they knew it!!!!!
I hope all those idiots out there who were fooled into voting for the Republic Party are ready for health care menus because:
I love non sequitur!
The first and main item on these hypocrites' agenda was to basically take out any group that might lean toward supporting the Democratic Party!
Don't believe it?
Google the utterly evil idiot Scott Walker and the rest of the evil bastards in the Republic Party and see what they have been up to since last November.
But I'm not bitter - I have a job!
I am one of the lucky ones.  I am not making nearly as much as I used to but in today's world of corporate owned government that's to be expected.
Still I want to see 15,000,000 other wonderful and deserving Americans get lucky as well.
If we as a nation can understand that all people must have gainful employment in order for society to work, not just the CEOs and their $9,000,000 average yearly salary (That's right, it's up to that now - look it up!) then perhaps we can reclaim our status as the greatest nation in the world.  But for now we are just treading water slightly ahead of third world status.
I am not advocating class warfare because frankly I cannot figure out who to fight!  You see, the Republic Party HAS NO CLASS!


Enigma4ever said...

Congratulations !! way to go....

Charlene said...

I'm glad you are gainfully employed. Work keeps us out of trouble as it's difficult to work and misbehave. I did say "difficult" ot impossible.

I'll tell you one thing that pisses me off is when our President came to KY today to thank the troops Steve Breshear couldn't change his day at the races, and from the PR this seems to be about him not upsetting Republican Kentuckians.

The elected who routinely try to do the popular thing vs. the right thing should have another job.

Cousin Bruce said...
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Cousin Bruce said...

Thank you to my Enigma friend - I'm just scraping by as well :-)

Charlene, Mr. Obama seems to constantly rise above the petty actions of the Republic Party and doesn't get frazzled by snubs such as your small minded Breshear. I think that is one of his greatest traits.
I often go into my angry rants as a way to let off steam. If I were to hold it all in I would have a stroke! But I find I do my best thinking, and best debating (or arguing) when I keep a level head and control my anger, at least outwardly.
Just like the court jester who spends his day off frowning I wouldn't be surprised if Obama spends his quiet alone time screaming obscenities at photos of Boehner, Ryan, Cantor and the rest. At least I'd like to believe he does. :-D

Carrie Cullen said...

Indeed, this is a frustrating world in which we live. I am grateful for friendship with likeminded people as you to assure me I am not alone. Hang in there!--Carrie Cullen

Cousin Bruce said...

Thanks Carrie, you too.
Sooner or later the people will wake up. After all you can only turn so many cheeks before you run out of them!

Anonymous said...

What America needs most is education. Without it the Republican party and silly factions like the Tea Party will continue to flourish and their corporate puppets will get elected. Once they're in office we're stuck for at least 2 years. Like that Syms ad sort of says - An educated electorate is our best chance.

train buddy said...

What will we do without your candid thoughts.

Cousin Bruce said...

I'm sure you will figure a way to muddle through without my constant rants. But if you miss me just think pleasant thoughts, or perhaps not so pleasant ones and soon you'll have the warm and fuzzy curmudgeon-like glow I try to emit herein.
Thanks for the comment - I think.