Sunday, May 15, 2011

Choose Your Bully

Bullies exist and always will.
One way to insulate yourself from being the target of a bully is to join in and point your finger elsewhere.
Clearly this is not right nor a nice thing to do but self preservation does have its own needs and desires.
Bullies themselves use their own set of tactics to deflect away from their behavior.
They may point to other bullies or quietly slink into the shadows while others are being berated for wrongdoing.
Such is the case these days with our beloved insurance industry.
While the nation is focused on big oil, and don’t get me wrong they deserve tremendous scrutiny, our insurance industry is quietly laughing all the way to the bank.
These bastions of bastardly behavior are quietly raking in the dough while raping every single American citizen every single day of the year.
Sitting high up in their plush corporate lairs we the people must look like ants to them as we crawl and claw our way through the work days of our lives.
But unlike the tiny productive ubiquitous insect we are not to be stepped on or squashed by the big foot of big insurance but rather cultivated and sucked dry of every penny we’re worth.
Perhaps you feel the above is a bit harsh after all insurance companies do offer peace of mind in the event of an accident or disaster, right?
If you feel that way then obviously you have never tried to collect on a claim.
In 1988 my daughter fell from a jungle gym while in a local day camp and broke her wrist.
We had Blue Cross insurance back then and our out of pocket cost was a mere $135.
I attempted to collect the out of pocket expense from the day camp’s insurance company only to be put through the most absurd run around imaginable. I was asked for form after form including duplicate copies of x-rays as well as affidavits from doctors and camp officials from the time of the accident in early July through August without any success.
Then in late August the camp switched insurance directors and the entire process reverted to square one.
I gave up and hired an attorney to sue the camp.  I found a wonderfully sleazy 'ambulance chaser type and my daughter was awarded $15,000.
Remember that in the beginning I had only requested $135.
Nowadays I would probably end up in jail for causing a nuisance and found guilty of committing insurance fraud!
Here’s a simple exercise for you to perform before passing judgment on my rant. Make the following chart using your actual income and expenses:
Gross Pay – Net Pay – Insurance Outlays (Include at least the following, Health, Life, Home, Auto, Long Tern Care, Disability, and any other you may pay.) After each insurance column you may wish to note its percentage cost of your so-called take home pay.
At the far right of your chart add all your insurance costs and then note the total percentage they take out of your net pay.
Use that percentage to see the day of the year when you will finally be working for yourself and not big insurance.
This year my freedom date is August 12th but I am one of the lucky ones because my wife works!
And by the way if you want to get a clear picture of just how bad off you are vs. the billionaires who own this country don’t forget to also deduct your local town and school taxes and by definition your necessary utility costs such as gas, electric and phone.
So what is the solution to America’s bully problem?
How can we really take back our country?
Well I don’t mean to point fingers but if I had to I guess I could name 50 Senators, 435 Congressmen & women and 1 President.

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