Sunday, April 3, 2011

It's Great to be in the USCA

There is a sinister movement afoot in America and it is surely on a course to change the way we live for years to come.
The movement is insidious.
It is attacking us on many different fronts.
And while each individual attack is brought up in the news or on the web nobody seems to be putting two and two together.
Nobody is talking about the cohesive factor involved in this well planned war on the American Dream and our very way of life.  
But it is not a very well kept secret nor are the people or groups waging the war even trying to keep it thus.
I am talking about the very real war on the Middle Class and all people not considered wealthy.
The evidence is simple and the examples are abundant.
From Governor Scott Walker and his band of puppets doing the bidding of the billionaire Koch brothers by stealing away the long fought for rights of the individual to the silly idiot Governor of Maine, LePage removing a mural from government property because it had the audacity to celebrate a worker's movement and decry child labor.  (Maine voters better turn a NEW page and soon or they will find themselves in big trouble.)
Justice Thomas of the once revered and fair Supreme Court is a staunch supporter of his old company Monsanto in its fight against individual farmers and will fight for anything spouse Ginny espouses.  (Virginia is of course a staunch tea bagger.)
Fellow co-conspirator Justice Scalia is sure to vote in favor of Wal*Mart in their defense against a class action lawsuit brought by women who have been discriminated against by that giant corporation - no matter what the evidence says!  He has already hinted as much in previously released statements.
And many more chinks in the armor (I mean that in non-racial terms) of the American fabric may be found without hard investigative digging.  Just Google 'Individual rights and Ohio' or 'Assault on the EPA' if you like.
In fact a simple extrapolation of these events will lead us to a future eerily reminiscent of a fascist state where any gathering of like minded individuals discussing the shortcomings of the government will be found guilty of sedition!
It sounds a bit far fetched if not totally paranoid but the movement is definitely in that direction.
And as with any political movement it runs on funds.
So which side of this conflict would be able to last the longest?
Which group can afford to keep the fight going until they attain their goal and grab the brass ring?
As silly as it sounds the future could hold a time when a family of five or more sitting around the dinner table will be too frightened to discuss politics lest they be imprisoned.
"Step away from the meatloaf, little Bobby and place your hands on the table where I can see them!  You have the right to remain..."
Of course the above is all the alarmist rantings of a delusional conspiracy theorist, right?
I mean the government is not out to get you.
They will not infringe on any of your rights as long as you continue to file your taxes every April.
Oh, and speaking of taxes and that whole 'no taxation without representation' thing, where does that leave the likes of GE and Exxon?  I wonder what they are doing with all that cash they don't pay to the IRS?
The architects of this movement have worked long and hard.  They have planned their attack for a quite some time, tweaking and reworking but always with an eye toward the goal.  And finally they are poised to reap the rewards of their patience.
Every American voter must keep this in mind when he or she pulls the curtain closed on November 6th, 2012 or be prepared to bow down to the United States of Corporate America and avow their support for the USCA!

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